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“Centrism” is neither a virtue nor an act of pragmatism. It’s a position adopted by those who are comfortable enough w/n the status quo that their primary concern is to never rock the boat, even if that means searching for middle ground b/w a fascist coup & a foundering democracy

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If your reaction upon reading this is “Well they shouldn’t have come into this country...” congratulations, you are a soulless ghoul.

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Y’all can understand a white kid shooting up a school cuz he was bullied after 4 months of school but don’t understand why an oppressed group is compelled to burn shit down after 400yrs

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Мне регулярно снятся сны про то, как я уже взрослая попала в школу, но расписания у меня нет, и четверть заканчивается, и я не ходила, и не могла ходить из-за работы, и на экзамен опаздываю

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I think a big problem with kids' allegories for racism is it's like "the green people and the purple people hated each other just for being the other color, isn't that silly?" and not "the purple people kidnapped the green people and treated them like livestock for 100s of years"

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Reminder: protests have been occurring across the country nonstop since George Floyd was murdered. Louisville has been marching consistently for Breonna Taylor. The media just got tired of it. The NBA players are forcing their attention back. It’s a movement, not a moment

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Artists Commissioners
"Please ignore the name on my paypal."

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The Port that was destroyed in the was a main point in distributing food to the country. The wheat silos were destroyed. This is horrific for a country already going through an economic crisis, with many unable to afford food.

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My city Beirut after the explosion. What a tragedy. It's too much to bear 💔😢


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has begun to ban democrats from election, including: Alvin Yeung, Dennis Kwok, Kwok Ka-ki, Tat Cheng, Lester Shum, Tiffany Yuen, Cheng Chung-tai & Gwyneth Ho. More to follow.

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In making the arrests, GovHK & Beijing admit that a teen on Facebook is a challenge to the economic and military capacity of the People's Republic - a country of a 1.3 billion people, 2 million soldiers & 5,000 years of history.

Round-up of reactions:

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It begins: Election hopefuls were given 24 hours to respond.

Some candidates who took part in the democratic primary election 2 weeks ago were asked if they would veto the gov't motions if the pro-democracy camp secured a majority.

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Feel like this didn’t get ‘picked up’ enough in the news cycle.


This equates to 30% of young Black men in London. Don’t ask us why we’re tired.

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