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If actual bad apples killed dozens of people, there would be a national recall of ALL apples.

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I keep seeing news anchors say "It's unfortunate that the looters are taking attention away from the real issues" while they, the media, talk about looting instead of the real issues.

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Protesters: “Stop killing us”

Police: *teargas, grenades, rubber bullets, batons, rifles, tanks, helicopters, driving cars into people*

Headlines: “A clash between police and protesters”

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“Looting is bad. Why steal something that’s not yours?”

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Can anybody in law enforcement help me understand why police officers would make it their official business to loot water from and destroy the medical supplies of people they are "supposed to be" protecting?

These sweet comments
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This week has been a horrifying, sad reminder of the centuries-long pattern of systemic racism in the US. And that our criminal justice system is in dire need of reform. GitHub stands with the Black community and will not be silent on violence and injustice.

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Don’t get it twisted people. A LOT of the time, white people start or escalate situations like this to reinforce the idea that Black people are “animals” and “savages”. They take advantage of our pain and try to use it against us. 🧵👇🏿

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Wow. The crib sheet from the Hong Kong protesters is next level. Learn from some pros!

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I want to make some things plain. Police violence has historically been the source of the violent rebellions of Black people and their allies. Police violence begets violent resistance. If you want to end the violent resistance, then end the police violence. 1/5

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Things are “out of control” now that the precinct burns but they were “under control” when police were murdering someone???

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One-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police.


If you are at a demonstration and something doesn’t seem right, this could be why.

Document it ⬇️

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Remarkable info coming out of this presser: Gov. Tim Walls, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter and now MN attorney general Keith Ellison ALL alleging outside forces, domestic and possibly foreign, have post-Tuesday infiltrated the state, and are

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