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polyamory is like vegetarianism or being a furry in that most people doing it just quietly go about their business and the stereotype of them shoving it in your face seems more like a manufactured excuse for bullying an easy target

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Today on FAIC: One final post for the decade. I have thoughts on the recent tech twitter discussion about work, success and propaganda that do not fit into 280 characters. Happy New Year to all.

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обожаю подобные плакаты, высмеивавшие суфражисток. Мужчины до смерти боялись того, что к ним будут относиться так же, как к женщинам.

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Thread, up and down.

Btw, in the U.S., NO ONE is entitled to a specific job. People can be fired for ANY reason except for protected class (race/sex/&c).

"Harasser / creator of a toxic work environment" is... not a protected class.

The UK is different -- (ctd)

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i quite genuinely feel like if you asked the british public "hard brexit but a random 75% of the population die immediately YES/NO" it would be a close-run thing

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i still think my favourite thing that's ever happened to me on the internet is the time a guy said "people change their minds when you show them facts" and I said "actually studies show that's not true" and linked TWO sources and he said "yeah well I still think it works"

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My new African is on Youtube, about a woman in an abusive marriage who finds a solution to her monster husband.

I'm a struggling filmmaker. I'll appreciate your support in sharing my film.

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If you write "He/She" instead of just writing "They" you are a cop.

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Norway gives it to us every year, in commemoration of us fighting your sort in 1939-45.

Which is why I like CW's superhero TV series (e.g. Supergirl or Black Lightning). There are lesbian superheroes, gay superheroes, trans superheroes...
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Lgbt people will never have representation, only hints at it enough to be able to deny it

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The way Hannahdouken and participants of this experiment just ethically hacked an exploitable vector in multiple malicious content thieving bots with zero code while announcing content theft through the very sites doing it is magnificent praxis

And here you can see how the fresh meme reached its peak in only two days
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flight attendant: is there a man on board?

mom: *nudging me* should've been you

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The Renaissance was born from engagement w/ the writings of the Islamic world. There is no Renaissance without Ibn Rushd.

Al Jazari's mechanical clocks were not only the most sophisticated technology of the age, but his methods remained in used until the 19th century.

Nice try

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