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@0lolosh Качать левые приложения для VPN - в любом случае так себе идея

@bamfic @cwebber I'm not sure I understand. What is it that isn't a thing on web?

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programmers: RTFM
also programmers: [have never read any contemporary academic scholarship on a social topic]
also programmers: [have ignorant and offensive opinions about contemporary social topics, unknowingly or knowingly reproducing imperialism and white supremacy]

Many thanks to @[email protected] for allowing me to use their drawing as my new userpic!

@dpwiz I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords dressed in meat (aka our meat overlords)!

@zkat This toot serves as a reminder that you cannot do git reset --hard or even git commit --amend once your previous toot/commit is pushed.

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Мы представляем вас примерно так

@dpwiz Do you mean, a few hours until you'll have to welcome our new robot overlords?

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Fuck. This. Shit.
If you see one of these please just fucking kill it with a baseball bat.

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Сейчас Венедиктов выступает перед студентами журфака в ВШЭ. Задали вопрос, почему @[email protected] забанили на Эхе. Ответ был примерно такой:

«Кац должен извиниться за то, что соврал про партию, будто я делаю ее вместе с Собчак и Гудковым. Когда публично извинится, тогда и разбаним.»

@OldBrushNewPaper @klara Hmm, but I think I've found at least several blatant mistakes in the article.

E.g. they say that since most homeowners are white, it is whites who benefit the most from letting their apartments... but then they mention that many airbnb hosts are renting themselves and subletting to guests.

Or they don't account for increased non-accommodation travel spending made possible by cheaper accommodation prices.

(I don't like airbnb, too; but this article is unfair IMHO)

So I needed to edit some video for our product owner. Spent four hours with that fresh modern Natron ( ) UI, only got half of job done, and the rendered .mp4 did not even play in standard players.

Had to resort to old-school AviSynth (+FFmpeg input plugin +x264 +mp4box). Did the job in half an hour and 30 lines of AVS script, spent another half an hour making it look even nicer.

It's a wonder AviSynth still works in 2019, being built on legacy outdated tech.

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