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*asteroid approaches*

SCIENTISTS: If we don't stop this, it will destroy Earth.

PEOPLE: Oh no. How many people has it killed so far?


PEOPLE, SUDDENLY ARMED WITH STATISTICS: Why, that's fewer than traffic accidents! Fewer than vending machines! Fewer than

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The choice is not

a) everyone stays home, economy hurt
b) everyone goes out again, economy fine


a) everyone stays home, economy hurt
b) everyone goes out again, millions die, hospitals collapse, social chaos, economy hurt just as bad if not worse

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надеюсь следующая эпидемия начнётся с какого нибудь заплесневевшего сыра или тухлой акулы чтобы весь мир ржал каким ебанутым говном питаются белые

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Today has made it very clear how many people would have absolutely justified slavery because “the economy”

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Everyone arguing that 1-2% of the population dying isn’t a big deal needs to identify 1 or 2 close family members or friends that they are willing to offer up to death in this moment for capitalism. Name them.

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The whole "Do we choose between a recession or a die-off" thing is so stupid

You CANNOT prevent the recession, it's TOO LATE

It's like your car is driving into a lake and you're going "Do I hit the brakes to avoid water or hit the gas so I can still get to work on time"

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Was anyone else like closer than they ever have been to having their life together right before this all happened bc lol

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Airline executives spent billions on stock buybacks and are now asking taxpayers for billions. We need to help airline workers, but that money should come with serious long-term change to the companies—no more buybacks, a $15 minimum wage, and more. cnbc.com/2020/03/17/coronaviru

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it was very clear to me, in jan/feb when Chinese folks were quarantined & many were dying, who in the West actually considered them real ppl. actually cared.

for many, many ppl, this wasn't real until it hit Italy.

i won't forget that, & many others won't either. twitter.com/e_alexjung/status/

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I think a lot of people will die from COVID-19. Many of you are saying that "only" old people will die. In the AIDS crisis there were also many people saying that "only" people who didn't matter would die. It was ugly then and it's ugly now. Don't be like this.

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Accounts run by men receive roughly double the retweets of those run by women. Even online, we are talked for and talked over. Even online, men’s voices carry twice as much worth. It matters. When you see women writing about things that interest you, retweet us. It’s that simple.

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You can be the most qualified person in the world, but if you're female you also have to be "likable", authoritative without overstepping it, watch your sense of humour (you need one, but don't actively use it or you won't be taken seriously), look *right* for the role... twitter.com/Astropartigirl/sta

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In every debate, the candidate who stood out and came on top was Warren. She was the best. Sanders was second to her. Even Buttigieg did good at times. The rest added nothing. But Warren was almost always ON POINT. Yet, here we are. ... that's all I'm gonna say.

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there's a theory of turnout politics in America I haven't wanted to give credence to that seems to be borne out by some of this turnout, and it's that when you promise young people bold action to make their lives better, their parents and grandparents will turn out to kill them twitter.com/mviser/status/1235

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Nothing Bernie Sanders is offering is better than what @[email protected] is offering. It’s all emotion with Bernie supporters. Warren takes everything he’s offering and makes it add up and can explain it to voters on both sides of the aisle. He has a bullhorn. She has a calculator.

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Max Boot is giving a great example of something that I’ve been saying, that knowing more about US history than the sanitized public school version makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist to the average person, and the more you know the more unhinged you sound.

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Thinking that Warren is “too much,” “nasty,” and “mean” because she is assertive, aggressive, dominant, and defending women is how we
ended up with Trump.

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Hey NBC, you can't just ignore Elizabeth Warren. She's not Matt Lauer's history of sexual harassment twitter.com/Newsweek/status/12

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