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Я не ненавижу мужчин, у меня даже есть друг-мужчина в близком окружении, и он никогда не обижается когда я говорю «мужики мусор» потому что понимает, что это про плохих людей а не про него.

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Все происходит именно так

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Over the last 10 years I have had several Hollywood types serious enough about my work to call me up and discuss deals, with both me and my agent. EVERY time I bring up that my signing would be contingent upon a clause like this they vanish like foam atop a wave. twitter.com/thetzechun/status/

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I still can’t get over Carrie Lam, who wasn’t even allowed to see the national insecurity law, saying it would “only target a tiny minority” and then it turned out to target LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET.

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After Columbine over 10,000 school police officers were hired just in case a school shooting happened. Two decades later, they haven't stopped a *single* school shooting. Instead they've arrested over 1 millions kids, mostly students of color, for routine behavior violations.

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Y’all notice a sharp decline in protest videos and content in the last couple weeks? twitter.com/joshuapotash/statu

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First HK charges ppl who were beaten up by cops rampaging through a train station w "rioting." Now anyone criticising police actions in the station will be charged w violating the national security law. Art.29: "Inciting hatred" towards gov (ie police): max life imprisonment. twitter.com/alvinllum/status/1

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If your opposition to police oppression is consistent, you oppose the new security law the Chinese government is forcing on Hong Kong and the persecution of migrants in the European Union as well as the racist police murders in the US.


worldwide. twitter.com/lausanhk/status/12

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1/2 Ex- leader Leung Chun-ying has offered bounty of up to HK$1m from the 803 Fund to encourage people to report & facilitate the arrests of those who violate the national security legislation. bit.ly/NatSecHK

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Here is my article addressing the claims in @jk_rowling's piece on trans people

There was A LOT of falsehoods and general pieces of misinformation, so it is long

I'll also publish each section one at a time in the coming days so it's more digestible


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People claiming that policing can just follow a more Nordic model and therefore be more humane did not ask a Nordic person, nor a Nordic person of color. These are from Iceland. Look in the face of the reform you want and tell me you're prepared to let others pay the human cost.

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Interesting how people seem to see heterosexual relationships as entirely wholesome for children (disney movies! princes! princesses! weddings!) but even the suggestion of homosexuality is associated with *sex*

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one thing about abolition is that our collective imagination is so limited that a lot of people have trouble understanding how it could work or why it would be a good idea. the idea is that we already have the resources in our communities to make police obsolete! twitter.com/kolbybrianne/statu

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But if we abolish the police who will be there to convince rape victims not to file a report

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Now you’ve seen that America’s police are:

▪️brutal, cruel, barbarians
▪️liars even w/video proof
▪️falsify reports
▪️work w/white nationalists
▪️give a shit abt Rights

And that’s with WHITE folks in broad daylight.

What you think they’ve been doing to us when no ones looking?

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gonna tell my grandkids this was the swine flu

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This is not surprising to medics anywhere. Cops intentionally target protest medics (often before anyone else) because, in their minds, if a medic can treat 20 protestors, taking out one medic is like taking out 20 protestors. They deliberately target us so we can’t help people. twitter.com/chadloder/status/1

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