Don't use Airbnb.
No really, don't use Airbnb.

Hotels are regulated in ways that protect *you*, the person who stays in them. Airbnb's profits come from arbitrage: it skips the cost of adhering to the regulations.

@ceejbot Also uber. Same thing. Uber disavows responsibility that any taxi company takes as a matter of course.


@HypnoFox @ceejbot It depends on the city. For example, in Hong Kong AFAIK official taxis are shit, with drivers rejecting inconvenient trips, having bad manners, and demanding exorbitant tips on top of already high enough fares (it is not customary to tip in Hong Kong overall). Uber is much better there.

Uber does not just skip the cost of adhering to the regulations; it also skips the cost of medallions. Dismantle the medallion system, and Uber will find it quite hard to compete.

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@penartur @ceejbot "existing taxis are shit" isn't a good argument to use Uber, to be honest. It's not just the customers that Uber exploits, but their employees. Whom Uber claims are not _actually_ employees. Eye any "gig economy" system with extreme suspicion.

@HypnoFox @ceejbot But medallion owners exploit taxi drivers too! And quite often there is no choice but to use Uber, since existing taxi simply won't take you on that trip.

As for the gig economy, I enjoyed staying at people's actual homes instead of faceless hotels, that's a wholly different experience, and I don't think airbnb exploited home sharers back then. Sadly, airbnb seems to be taken over by "professional" landlords now.

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