Just signed up for hosting for my own Mastodon instance.

Hold my stuff; I’m goin in deep.

@andyw Is it easy to set up for not especially technical folks? I was under impression that one has to be an experienced Linux user/admin to do that...

@penartur I went with one of those managed hosting providers — specifically, masto.host

@andyw Oh, I understand now. I'm thinking of creating an instance for certain small community which will hopefully federated with many other instances, and they seem to be a bit too expensive, given that there are dirt cheap VM at hetzner.de ...


@penartur@toot.cat @andyw @andy
By the way, I was able to set up my own Mastodon on Hetzner VPS. It's like 5x cheaper than masto.host; but of course you'll have to manage it.

Here is a step by step tutorial, in case someone needs it: github.com/penartur/mastodon-v

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