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Many thanks to for allowing me to use their drawing as my new userpic!

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Ugh I have no idea how to write / . Why is everything so difficult? It feels the same way when I have to write a cover letter... 😕 😒 😅

OK, I am a software engineer? Interested in interpersonal relationships and future and AI and speculative fiction? Unable to create art or to have a physical exercise but able to chat on the internets from the comfort of my couch (which is especially comfortable when my spouse is there)?

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something that’s fun to witness in real time is who, exactly, “cancel culture” comes for

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CW: transphobia

Yeah, nothing about this is a compliment

i think about this all the time. it is deeply sad & truly baffling that zionists claim to have such an sacred right to the land of palestine, while at the same time aggressively destroying it and ripping out its natural resources. this speaks volumes

WATCH THIS VIDEO. this is a microcosm of the conversation between palestine and the world that watches us. they ask us about our reactions to apartheid & genocide; when we answer by telling our story, they cut us off and insist that we’re not answering the question

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Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) But Lil Nas X makes all the sounds with his mouth

"вы должны были сами следить за своим балансом и считать дни", потому что никакие предупреждения не предусмотрены, просто внезапно в полночь все безвозвратно пропадает, и даже если через час заметишь - уже поздно. Сидите в чужой стране без доступа к банкам. @Tele2Russia

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"Договор расторгнут за то, что вы слишком долго не звонили". Предупредить об этом нельзя было, это же не рекламная смс, надорвутся. Восстановить номер невозможно. То, что на нем висели все госуслуги, банки и т.д. - поддержке плевать @Tele2Russia

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@Tele2Russia - ужасный оператор.
Переходишь к ним, уезжаешь за рубеж, застреваешь там надолго из-за коронавируса, за балансом не следишь, до последнего дня всё исправно работает вплоть до рекламных смс от оператора, а потом без предупреждений номер удаляют.

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This comment from an “anti-imperialist” YouTube channel sums up the absolute hell Syrian refugees are subjected to for simply naming their oppressor. Completely unacceptable.

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Do you know how dehumanizing it is to have your existence labeled “a wedge issue” and have it be hotly debated by people you’ve never met?

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Get Hades for 🔥20% off🔥 right now in sale on @Steam!!

Our game has been nominated in eight categories in tomorrow's big event, including Game of the Year!

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Black inventors, heroes, and leaders are often left out of history. Ask yourself as you're learning...who is the focus? Why? Question the story ✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾✊✊🏻✊🏽💖

The Crystal Gems say BE ANTI-RACIST! Visit to learn more.

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If you're still social distancing, washing your hands, limiting contact with people, and wearing a mask, please retweet this tweet. I just want others to know it's not overreacting, it's caring about your health and saving lives.

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"We’re just going to have a small dinner with the neighbors, their son, his girlfriend . . . "

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Funny how people act like it's so shocking and awful when poor people in faraway countries turn to terrorism just because an occupying army destroyed their homes and killed their family, but when they watch Star Wars they still recognize that Luke Skywalker is the good guy

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“A college class had two teaching assistants: one male and one female. At the end of the semester, the students scored the male TA higher on course evaluations, while the female TA got five times as many negative reviews.

There’s just one problem: They were the same person”

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