re: Pls help me find a celebrity crush! Post contains my shallow expectations. 

@KAOS recently I fell in love with Doja Cat (her mews here is amazing)
It seems she suits with her appearance and ADHD

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Another look inspired by rainbow and pride flag🌈🏳️‍🌈

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@KAOS thank you! I have many more pride related ideas :)

This year, after the nice vacation, I decided to link my life to makeup. For almost 3 months I have been doing make-ups and I really like it and it fascinates me more and more. I don't remember ever doing anything with such enthusiasm. Maybe something like that was somewhere deep in childhood, or when I needed to obtain weed in my university years. Now I do makeup (and shoot the result) for 1-4 hours almost every day, and both the process and often the result please me. The salaries of make-up artists and gardeners are comparable, even a bit higher for make-up artists, but most importantly, there is a space for growth here. So I subscribed to an online training which will be in May, and then I want to ask some makeup artist to take me as an assistant, and then I'm planning to work :) The ability to do and sell makeup now requires the ability to shoot this makeup in photos and videos, and therefore I'm also spending some of the time on learning how to do good shooting.

I think that the time to do what I want and become who I want has come.

(My makeup photos are in the next post)

selfie, eye contact, 🏳️‍⚧️, :boost_ok: 

My other pride makeup is inspired by trans pride flag

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selfie, eye contact, 🏳️‍🌈, :boost_ok: 

Some time ago I decided to become a makeup artist. So now I can make bright makeup for myself and my friends. I decided to make a series of makeups for Pride month and Pride parade. First one, inspired by pride flag🏳️‍🌈

Иду по улицам Берлина и то там, то сям пахнет травой. И сразу так отрадно на душе, запах свободы😊

Photo, no eye contact, nudity 

Ещё одно утро в Познани

Photo, eye contact, nudity 

Доброе утро в Познани

Photo, eye contact, nudity 

Первая зелень💚

Selfie, eye contact 

Makeup inspired by Killer Frost's look

Photo, no eye contact, nudity 

International women's day!

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