fedi meta, official announcement to fedi 

I'm so tired of the meta.

No, pedophiles or fascists or nazis are absolutely not allowed to remain on this instance. They all should be suspended immediately.

But just saying "X is a pedophile" or "X is a nazi" does not make X a pedophile or a nazi.

If I receive a bunch of name-calling reports saying "X is pedo, suspend them at once, you nazi piece of shit" and do not act on them, it is not because this instance is welcome to pedophiles (it is not). It is because I do not think X is a pedophile (and also because calling me names does not make your argument any more compelling).

And it would require a bit more to convince me they're a pedophile than just posting taken-out-of-context screenshots of their controversial take on child autonomy, made two months ago on another instance - take that was posted from the perspective of children, and for which they already apologized.

Just stop dogpiling for once. Don't make it your life goal to expel this person from fedi for that one old take. Don't make it your life goal to drive them to suicide.

Maybe try checking the context of these screenshots.
Maybe try not automatically interpreting that take in bad faith.
Maybe try to think what would your reaction be if it was posted by someone just a couple of years younger, before their 18th birthday.

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