federation update 

It looks like hellsite.site unfederated from this instance three days ago, without any notice or warning.

Hellsite does not make a list of blocked instances public, so we could not confirm it is that way. However, nothing seems to federate between our instance and hellsite.

We tried reaching out to hellsite admins from another instance, but they ignored our messages.

We do not know if it is a mistake; if not, we do not know what was the reason.


federation update 

We cannot get any confirmation or explanation from hellsite admins because they ignore our enquiries. So we have no way of knowing if this situation could be resolved in any way in the future.

If you need to communicate with hellsite users, you should probably look for another instance.

We believe that hellsite approach to federation is irresponsible, and we would also recommend hellsite users to migrate another instance with more transparent moderation policy.

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