i would just like to point out that in 2022, there is literally no technical justification for asymmetric internet connectivity: docsis 3.1 and later can support multi-gigabit symmetric connections, as can PON networks.

no, DSL does not count as justification in 2022.

@ariadne the justification is this huge sack of cash from a few megacorporations

@ariadne datacenters and artificial asymmetric connections are landlording and digital enclosure :)

@thufie @ariadne I hate it, I'd totally use my old laptop as a server if I had enough uplink bandwidth

paying for gigabit downlink, getting ≈330 megabits and like 10 megabits uplink

@frostwolf @thufie @ariadne weirdly, even then I barely had any issues with online gaming. Connection was slow but steady.

@LunaDragofelis @thufie @ariadne Yeah, games don't need bandwidth, just stability and liw latency! :3

We have... exactly none of those.

@frostwolf @thufie @ariadne I'm using wifi exclusively at home, though the apartment is small so one is never far away from the router. My phone even picks up wifi signal on the street outside, but that's rather annoying because out there it's too weak for any connection and I have to manually disable wifi on my phone when in a 50 meter range outdoors

@LunaDragofelis @thufie @ariadne We have no provided network hardware in our pathetic excuse for a house/room at all. Wifi is provided via a router in some other building somewhere. So we have our laptop connecting to the provided wifi as a client, NATting to our router, which provides wired/wifi to all our stuff.

@LunaDragofelis @thufie @ariadne We're expected to simply connect everything to the provided wifi and not have a LAN at all.

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