i would just like to point out that in 2022, there is literally no technical justification for asymmetric internet connectivity: docsis 3.1 and later can support multi-gigabit symmetric connections, as can PON networks.

no, DSL does not count as justification in 2022.

@ariadne the justification is this huge sack of cash from a few megacorporations

@ariadne datacenters and artificial asymmetric connections are landlording and digital enclosure :)

@thufie @ariadne I hate it, I'd totally use my old laptop as a server if I had enough uplink bandwidth

paying for gigabit downlink, getting ≈330 megabits and like 10 megabits uplink

@frostwolf @thufie @ariadne weirdly, even then I barely had any issues with online gaming. Connection was slow but steady.


@frostwolf @thufie @ariadne note that the physical line always supported 300 megabits, just the internet plan didn't allow for more than 25/1 mbits

@frostwolf @thufie @ariadne now we have a 1000/??? plan, upgrading from the 250/25 we had between February and June

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