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Dutch news (paraphrased): "an elementary school child was found to have monkeypox (which is spreading amongst gay men); it's a mystery how they got infected, as sexual assault has been ruled out".


WHO: "transmission occurs through close proximity or direct physical contact […] respiratory droplets (and possibly short-range aerosols), or contact with contaminated materials"

monkeypox, homophobia, doom predictions 

@meganeko it's the AIDS panic all over again. and once the general public realises everyone can get it, they're gonna blame queers, which will go super well with the current transphobia everywhere.

monkeypox, homophobia 

@amberage exactly. though gay men might actually be the safest group atm, since they are the only ones getting the vaccine (and being warned).

not a gay man? can't even get tested even if you clearly have all the symptoms.


monkeypox, homophobia, covid mention 

@meganeko @amberage history really repeats itself.

Also up until mid 2020 I thought humanity has learned how to deal with infectious diseases. But the later parts of the covid responses as well as monkeypox made me lose a lot of faith.

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