I don't wanna burst anyone's bubble but having actually been to Europe they have a lot of the same problems America does.

Like moving to Norway ain't gonna solve 99% of your problems and will create a billion more lmao

Things that exist in Europe in just as great of numbers as the US:

* Pro-lifers
* Religious people
* People who hate trans people
* People who think queer people should just be quiet
* People who really believe giving up freedom can make them safer
* CCTV (actually, more)
* Doctors who gatekeep the fuck out of everything
* Medical insurance (yes, really!)
* Shitty infrastructure (though their trains are better, a lot of public transit is busses now...)
* Poor people

Also in Europe:

* Surveillance state
* Shitholes run by shitty landlords
* Landlords
* Gas prices that will make you scream (way worse than the US)
* Draconian regulations on getting your license (far worse than the US)
* Capitalism is still king
* Living off welfare still fucking sucks

@Elizafox re: gas prices: americans are moaning about gas prices Germans could only dream of for the last two decades

and ours went up too


public transport fares bullshit in Germany 

@Elizafox and public transport is fucking expensive, any journey over 4 bus/tram stops here in Augsburg costs €3.20 if you buy a one-way ticket

a monthly pass subscription valid for the city and the immediate suburbs costs 57,50€/month

the catch? it's not valid for Königsbrunn, the suburb immediately to the south, and I live in the south

so the pass would cost me €86

but as I don't really need to ride before nine, I pay €39.40 for a variant that's only valid after 9AM

also, regional railways consider the scheduled time, not the actual time. Once I had a ticket valid after 9 (this is common for off-peak tickets), and it was already past nine and the delayed previous train came. I boarded it. The fare inspectors gave me a stern talking because the ticket isn't valid on that train because it's scheduled to go before nine. This hostile interpretation of the 9 AM rule is probably buried in some long-ass terms and conditions nobody would think to read BECAUSE THEY WOULD EXPECT A TICKET THAT SAYS VALID AFTER 9 TO BE ACTUALLY VALID AFTER 9

and I got off lucky, me and my mom could've gotten a €60 fine and a criminal record each

basically, expensive, complicated fares, and if you make a mistake while navigating hostilely designed and interpreted terms, you get a fine and a criminal record

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