Which messengers do you use?

Count only those you actually use somewhat frequently for private/personal use.

Multiple choice poll, boosts and replies welcome.

I use (in order of descending preference):
- Matrix
- Discord
- Fedi DMs
- Whatsapp (only with people I know offline)

also, misskey/pleroma Chats count as "fedi DMs" in this poll.

@LunaDragofelis interesting poll. Mostly use Signal and Threema second. Would be nice if more used them.

@LunaDragofelis I use (in order of descending preference):
- Matrix
- Discord
- Fedi DMs (not really as a messenger)
- Telegram

@LunaDragofelis Discord and Whatsapp only.

I don't really use Discord often, and I use Whatsapp because I have no choice since all people I know uses it. I hate it though.

@LunaDragofelis this order:
- Phonecalls
- MS Teams
- Mail
- Telegramm
- Matrix

@LunaDragofelis I use telegram most often, and also when I'm on fedi I always see fedi DMs.
I also have matrix (do not use it much because element is so inconvenient) and xmpp (almost never use it for the same reason, only used it like twice in the past five years, and only to get in touch with people who are only on xmpp).
I don't have WhatsApp or signal or discord etc.

@LunaDragofelis I'm most on IRC, I checked "other" for that one.

- Matrix (thru Element)
- Discord
- Snap

Discord is hands down the best messaging platform out of all the centralized ones (yes even compared to Signal). The desktop UI is actually really good unlike all of those other mobile-first messengers.

I also use WhatsApp through Matrix bridges occasionally, so idk if that counts. (Didn't vote for it)

@LunaDragofelis Matrix > SMS (I picked "other" for this) > Discord (for a single "guild")

A team Im part of adopted Zulip chat recently. Too soon to form an opinion.

Discord, Telegram, Fedi DMs, Twitter DMs, Hangouts, Mattermost, Slack, SMS

@kenos max options per poll is instance dependent. Default is 4 (like Twitter), in this instance it's 10.

@LunaDragofelis @kenos well, "default", I don't think there's a setting for it on mainline Masto...

I talk to several people semi-regularly on Facebook messenger, get occasional DMs in Twitter, Insta, and Discord, and have never used any of the others in your list. Half of them I've never even heard of

@LunaDragofelis A semi-open-source messenger lumped in with WeChat. Lies, damned lies, and statistics. 🤣
I hope it's not offensive if I find this darkly hilarious.

@LunaDragofelis This poll is amazing. It tells a lot about the demographics of the community over here. So different from the global marketplace!

@LunaDragofelis IMs make me nervous for some reason, but Alex uses Discord.

@LunaDragofelis so many people have Signal now, not having WhatsApp doesn't seem like a problem. Been off of it for years now, without a problem.

If only it did eat up the battery of ungoogled phones though😒 Its dependency on google services is still disappointing.

@LunaDragofelis I use only Matrix natively, but I use bridges to be reachable on almost all other mentioned messengers. Not sure what to answer so I chose Matrix.


Discord because I have social capital in it but if I didn’t, I would leave in an instant

WhatsApp because family uses it, if they didn’t, I would leave in an instant

Telegram only for big news channels

Signal and Threema for people who have those

SMS for those who don’t

Social media DMs for people who don’t and don’t like SMS

I used to use Matrix but it got too slow and complicated to have fun using

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