I feel like people here on the Fediverse generally think a lot more about their posts than they do on Twitter, for example!

Over the years I have seen several examples of people who wonder whether or not to post things, but also many questions whether certain content is allowed or not. And I love this!

Even seen people putting extra effort to reduce file size for videos on PeerTube even to safe space :blobcathearts:

Like uh.. we are more "aware" of the content instead of blasting it out like a speaker on the bird :birdsite:

Thank you for that ❤️ :fediverse: :blobcathug:

@stux I've experienced the same but in the opposite way, people posting more and more freely here because they aren't that scared of the public opinion or about some idiot coming to quote and bully you


@kogomi @stux or twitter banning you for saying "fuck off" to a nazi or transphobe

@LunaDragofelis @kogomi yup… while they are the ones fucking up double there :(

@LunaDragofelis @stux that's what I mean. You can't be sure what's right anymore on twitter, so many people default to not talk about such things...

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