German politics re: Ukraine war 

I don't get why the German government is so reluctant about giving heavy weapons to Ukraine

there's only one country between here and putler's troops…

re: German politics re: Ukraine war 

@LunaDragofelis its called cowards and appeasement, when a passer by sees someone being abused and decides not to help "in case the guy has a bigger rock and helping might make things worse"


re: German politics re: Ukraine war 

@swordsie we've tried appeasing putin for like 20 years now

it doesn't work, vladolf is immune to it

re: German politics re: Ukraine war 

@LunaDragofelis agreed if we had cut putin off economically 10 years ago he wouldn't have had the time to fortify his position by getting into bed with actual Nazis and
violent communists, and we could have cutt off his propogandists like galloway farrage wilders, le pen, alex jones ect. early instead we gave them 10 years to fuck with peoples heads and pull off divisive destabilisation operations like brexit and and insane coup, and now hundreds of thousands will die because we were weak and easily manipulated and too proud to admit we were the victims of destabilisation

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