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I hate getting silently blocked

It will make me very anxious and sad

I will know I did something wrong, but I won't know what, so it could have been anything, including something I still do because I don't know it's wrong, and it makes me scared of being abandoned by more people

please tell me why you block me before blocking me

evalyn kattze (ghostly)+novi (quantumnukacola)+ruxxishi (ghostly) - bbc-chan - 1946200 - explicit.jpg

german, school 

wie man eine riesige Debatte in der Klasse beginnt:

„Welche Vorteile hat es zu „gendern?““

(ja das ist in unserer Klasse das heutige Deutsch-Stundenthema…)

If you have a daunting big task, take it and break it down into lots of little tasks. Then, try to do one of the small things!

Das wichtigste am 9€ Ticket ist imho nicht, dass es sehr günstig ist, sondern dass es obsolet macht, sich um Tarifgrenzen, Waben und die ÖPNV-Kleinstasterei zu kümmert. Einsteigen, fertig, egal wo.

Es entfernt Hürden, die nicht nötig sind.

financial assistance request, boosts please 

so our car broke down. clutch has gone. £400 roughly to get a replacement. without that car my mum can't attend her universal credit meetings and she will lose them, and we are already struggling to feed ourselves and pay our bills. she can't work due to a chronic illness, and nor can my stepdad.

anything helps. if you can't donate, please boost.

thank you :blobcatheart:

you know what's funny and sad at the same time,

VGA is more universal than USB is.

but its kind of funny that misskey is quicker to adapt to emoji 14 than my os or my browser 😁


“Mastercard’s biometric checkout system will provide customers facial recognition-based payments, by linking the biometric authentication systems of a number of third-party companies with Mastercard’s own payment systems.”

Yeah, no.

#mastercard #facialRecognition #biometrics #whatCouldPossiblyGoWrong #heyJustChangeYourFace

if you see someone spamming slurs, don't be mean - they could be a soon-to-be trans anarchist

Ob Recht auf Abtreibung, oder Rechte von trans Personen - Im Kern ist es immer ein Kampf um Selbstbestimmung.

Wer Recht auf Abtreibung bekämpft, der kämpft meist auch gegen trans Personen und umgekehrt.

In 42 Staaten der USA wurden dieses Jahr Gesetze gegen trans Personen Recht o/u auf Abtreibung erlassen oder sind in Planung.

Das zeigt auf erschreckende Weise auf welche Weise dieses Land gerade abrutscht.

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