I've read about tonleiter trains about a month ago on fedi, never seen them IRL, and today we arrived to Salzburg and the first thing I've heard after exiting the train was tonleiter from locomotive of a cargo train on the next track!
Also even though Munchen-Salzburg train is called BRB, it's electric as opposed to other BRB trains (which are mostly two-section mixed-floor single-compartment diesel railbuses), that was nice...

@ljwrites I'm not an expert in fonts, but I use Compagnon with disabled ligatures for code in VS Code (just because I think it's cuter than other monospace fonts I've seen), Lack for UI in VS Code, and Victor Mono (italics) in Terminal + nushell + starship because it has all the needed ligatures and icons and still looks somewhat cute for a monospace font

tankie rant 

@schratze @meena well I was born in a country that had "socialistic" in its name...


@owl yes, I was talking about safe context :)
You're supposed to do all your work or most of it in safe context, and only use unsafe in very limited doses when it's absolutely necessary for some reason; and if you feel the need to use it a lot, then afaik C# is not supposed to cover your scenario and you're better off using some other platform

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@behold3r but from what I have heard, hellsite users cannot see it either. And it seems that it is really extensive; I heard that indirect evidence points at it covering not only know bad actors and bad sectors of fedi, but also literally half of this nice sector. So all your mutual connections basically depend on a whim of hellsite admins.
Just wanted to warn you in case you didn't know.
Maybe I'm wrong and they're accountable to their users now.


@owl you don't have comp time array lengths in C# (they're all of arbitrary ringtone length and allocated in the heap) anyway...

@mxdragon aww how great it is to have you on my keyboard! :blobcatmelt: :dragnpats: Also did you have just hoarded a collar?

hellsite, advice-adj 

@behold3r you do know that hellsite admins are a bit trigger-happy with instance blocks and afaik not quite accountable to their users (e.g. they don't even make a list of blocked instances public, let alone reasons for the block)? So you can just lose a mutual connection without even noticing it at first, and even when you notice it will be as if this user doesn't exist anymore...

This is your irregular reminder that crypto is short for cryptography, which is good and useful. The monster you're thinking of is cryptocurrency, which is currently a toy of the rich and the bro.

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@owl @schratze if the toggle is off, blocking ads is disabled. If the toggle is on, ads are enabled. Seems pretty obvious to me.

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