The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

@janellecshane So the argument is that AIs are not self-aware, they are merely actually flesh-and-blood (as it were) philosophical zombies, performing an indistinguishable simulation of self-awareness.


@mike @janellecshane what do you say to people who doubt that you are a squirrel?

@IngaLovinde @janellecshane I turn my back on them and whip my tail left and right furiously for a few seconds before I scamper away.

@IngaLovinde @janellecshane A squirrel did this to my last night. :-( I was feeding her squash seeds and she was having trouble finding them in the grass. Once we had worked out that I was there to give her seeds and she was cool with that, I tried tossing them to the side onto a patch of bald earth instead of directly at her. She seemed to think I was throwing away the seeds instead of giving them do her and she gave me an angry little display and left. :-( Sorry squirrel!!

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