It seems that people on fedi are extremely non-representative of the general population, so I've been wondering: :boost_ok:
Are you usually wearing

@mxdragon but are you a dragon wearing contact lenses, a dragon wearing glasses, or a dragon wearing neither?

@IngaLovinde neither but I need glasses (or the other) really bad

but money 😇

@IngaLovinde glasses by default, contact lenses when it's sunny out and I want to wear sunglasses, or if I feel like my glasses clash with my look

@IngaLovinde I'd vote neither, but ... I don't wear them because I'm too blind for those to help. So choosing the same option as all the sighted people choosing it because they don't need them due to seeing well feels odd.

@Mayana actually I phrased it that way on purpose (but apparently I failed)... I was mainly interested what is the relative popularity of glasses vs contact lenses here (more from an aesthetical point of view, although I understand that for some people the decision between the two has nothing to do with aesthetics), but also had to give a third option somehow because it seems to be customary to make polls everybody can vote in.

So it is not an option for people who don't need either; it is an option for people for whom the distinction is irrelevant, for any reason.

Would some other way of phrasing it be better?

@IngaLovinde Ah, I see. No, I suppose it is OK; I just misunderstood the intentions of the poll. Bad reading comprehension on my side, I suppose.
I suppose it would be better to let people know that the third option is there but not encouraged, like with "Neither but I want to watch the poll" ... if that makes sense?

@Mayana I think it does! But are people usually supposed to be discouraged from voting in polls on fedi when none of the main options apply to them? Unwritten informal conventions are hard...

@IngaLovinde I wouldn't know. I just think this convention of "everyone should be able to participate and click checky boxes!" is silly. If you're looking for specific data, you should be free to have that without having to do calculations yourself. And if you want to give people the third option, it's perfectly fair to make it clear that they're free to choose it to watch the poll, but the poll is not about them.

@IngaLovinde You're welcome! Just keep in mind that this is purely my opinion and I have just as much, if not less, clue of what the "proper" thing to do would be.

@IngaLovinde ... and I just realised that actually, the last option is "neither, get me to the results". So it's exactly what I asked for.
You know, I think my problem is just that I'm tired. Ignore me.

@Mayana and I thought you were saying that it just should be somewhat more discouraging than it is now!

@IngaLovinde Well sure, it could still be. But even so, the main thing is that I just didn't read. :ms_facepalm:

I wore contacts when I was younger. I liked the improved depth perception and peripheral vision. I have a very strong prescription, so glasses can be somewhat limiting on both.

But then they hurt my cornea (a little unclear on whether it was mechanically scratched from the contact tearing or chemically burned from contamination, but it hurt!). I had to stop wearing them after that, and I just never went back.

@IngaLovinde We'd wear glasses if we wore one of the two.

We still kinda wonder if we need glasses (but can't afford going to an optometrist to get checked out).

Besides aesthetics (kinda want glasses just to have glasses!), we're a bit skeeved out by the thought of things on our eyeballs.

@topaz "we're a bit skeeved out by the thought of things on our eyeballs" - I know that feeling so well!

@IngaLovinde Not only do I not wear glasses, I don't ever wear the prescription glasses I should probably be wearing.

@Vordus what do you mean by the first part then, what other kind of glasses?
Maybe I should have made it clear that this poll option refers to prescription glasses...

@IngaLovinde I'm saying that I have glasses. And they live in my drawer and I never wear them even though I supposed to.


Glasses because of my lifelong phobia of anything touching my eyeball. o_0 You should see me trying to give myself drops. lol.

@xenophora same!
Eyedrops, eyeliner on the inside of my eyelid, even eye shadows with most tools (except for a very gentle brush) - impossible!

@IngaLovinde I have to wear contact lenses most of the time because I have a very different prescription for each eye and glasses are too far away from my eye to correct the fact that I don’t have depth perception!

I only wear glasses when I’m at home and my eyes are tired.

@IngaLovinde I wore contacts for the longest time. But now I need bifocals and I don't want to carry a pair of readers with me.

@IngaLovinde used to have glasses, now I have laser-augmented eyes.

@IngaLovinde I use glasses for driving, TV and walking around outside; not otherwise. Because I only use them for an hour or two a day, I'm not a good candidate for contact lenses.


Glasses, sometimes (driving, pc), but also got a new lens implanted and will get the second in a month. Don‘t know if this qualifies for both 😉


@IngaLovinde I would be wearing glasses but I stopped during corona because I never managed to not get them completely fogged up (very slender but high nose). Now i just got used to not seeing stuff clearly and never being able to read anything that is written on something further than 1.5m away. Most annoying when meeting people outside and you are not sure whether you should wave or whether that is just someone with the same hair color as the person you were about to meet ...

@IngaLovinde I love my glasses! And I also kinda fancy it when other people wear glasses. 🤓

I can’t even imagine putting something like contact lenses in my eyes every day.

@mimi same, the thought alone of something on my eyeball... 😬

haircuts, contacts 

@mimi @IngaLovinde Tried it, hated it. not even for haircuts. I’d rather have the outcome be a surprise (my vision is SHIT) than put those things in my eyes. Yeesh.

haircuts, contacts 

@Seirdy @mimi but... how are haircuts related to glasses/lenses?

re: haircuts, contacts 

@IngaLovinde @mimi what's it like to be able to see your reflection during a haircut?

re: haircuts, contacts 

@Seirdy @IngaLovinde I’m not sure if i even wanna know that. :D

re: haircuts, contacts 

@IngaLovinde @mimi yep. typically there's a mirror that lets me see a vague brown blob and I have no idea how it's going.

@IngaLovinde I only actually started wearing glasses at all a few years ago, but my prescription now I think is one I think contacts can't be made for. Plus I think the glasses suit me.

(I'm also in the camp of "could I really comfortably touch my eyes every day?)


69% wear glasses, nice

i wish i could wear contact lenses but my eyes hate them, and i can read only a few inches from my face without glasses u.u

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