Looking for a job (EU only) :boost_ok: 

So I'm looking for a job again...
As a software engineer with 15 years of experience, some of it as a sole architect, some of it leading a team, working mostly on medium-scale systems with complex backends (having worked in e-commerce, utilities, banking/payments, etc). Plus a formal education in theoretical mathematics.
Primary experience is with C#/.NET and also TS/Node.js (can also do React).
But also want to try Rust or FP languages (such as elixir), and open to any stack basically (I can learn fast!) and any industry (besides cryptocurrencies or law enforcement or shit like that of course).
Been both commended and criticized for meticulous code review, setting a high bar of code quality, focusing on other developers experience, and not letting at least some of the bugs and vulnerabilities creep by.
Some of my code and projects are at ; another example is

I only speak English (but trying to learn German and Spanish).
And the employer needs to be in EU (preferably in Berlin, or it will have to be up to 100% remote depending on the distance to Berlin); I have an unrestricted work permit in Germany.
Hoping for an inclusive and diverse place (I would add a pleading emoji here but it will probably be misinterpreted by a target audience :blobcatgiggle:).

re: Looking for a job (EU only) :boost_ok: 

@kgerloff hmm I've heard that _German_ companies are not great places to work at, with their working days starting at 8 AM and strict adherence to schedule?

re: Looking for a job (EU only) :boost_ok: 

@kgerloff that's good to hear, thank you!

re: Looking for a job (EU only) :boost_ok: 

@kgerloff I'd also be glad to meet more fedi people at work! :)

re: Looking for a job (EU only) :boost_ok: 

Well, I think in Berlin starting at 10 a.m. is perfectly acceptable.
Oftentimes there's some time window when it's expected for every team member to show up.

What I can imagine will be more of an obstacle is German skills.

I've seen too many companies with an attitude of „We're a German company! We talk and write in German!“

re: Looking for a job (EU only) :boost_ok: 

@kgerloff @RyunoKi that's great to hear! :)

@IngaLovinde My company is hiring: Most of the positions are listed as being in London, but I don't think that location matters much. We're very remote-friendly, and can hire people in Germany. Maybe you'll see something that interests you. We have projects in TS/Node, Python, Rust, Go. Unfortunately, not enough Elixir.

@hubert wow, participating in matrix sounds awesome 😳
But I only see one software engineer position there right now? (For VoIP with Go, and it does not seem like we would be a great match; or do you know about any other positions?)

@IngaLovinde I don't know of any positions in particular, but you can email in your resume/CV anyways, and they may be able to find something that's a good fit.

@hubert just applied for element web position (the JS one); you might want to mention that you referred me! (Don't know whether there are referral bonuses in Element)

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