Thoughts about reading

When I was a child I got interested in reading, books, politics, science and the world because all this topics where present in my home. Every morning a newspaper arrived at our home and was lying on the table, accessible for everyone. Every month additional magazines my parents subscribed to arrived and if I walked into the home office of my parents I found shelves of books about various topics.
This way I started to read the newspaper, the magazines got interested in various topics and started to read books.
I wonder if we lose these natural way of discovering all this stuff these days? My daily newspaper is a online subscription I read on my smartphone or tablet, same is true for the magazines I subscribed to. Regarding books, more and more books are ebooks which only exists in my ebook reader or as ebub file in a folder of my computer.


@bjoern what about less privileged families though? I'd think most kids didn't grow in families that subscribed to magazines or had a home office filled with shelves worth of books on various topics...

@Inga ️‍🏳️‍🌈
Unfortunately, such families are not helping their children with a good start. It is not just money, but _time_ that they need. Have seen kids grow successfully from less financial privilege, but an understanding that education may help self-improvement. Also sad to see rich children with behaviour problems (drugs, mental health), with parents that throw money at them, but not much love...
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