noch mehr sachen, die damals voll scheiße waren und jetzt plötzlich voll toll:

die stadt in der ich lebe hatte bis in die 90er ein elektrisches nachverkehrsnetz. in den 80ern erst ausgebaut und mit neuem fuhrpark versehen. hätte eigentlich noch jahrzehnte laufen können ohne große investitionen.



@aurora Moscow had like the largest trolleybuses network in the world, and destroyed it over a couple of years just recently (I think it was in 2018-2020)...

They claimed they'll replace trolleybuses with electric buses (why? what's the point?) but of course there is not nearly enough electric buses and anyway these would serve better by replacing ordinary buses.
In the end they had to pull ordinary buses from their routes to replace trolleybuses, and now there are huge intervals everywhere and also fossil fuels.

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@IngaLovinde yeah, i had heard about that. was also confused when i saw recent photos of the city and wondered "wait, where did all the trolley wire go"...

parts of eastern europe still have a lot of them, in the czech republic you can even find them in small towns. and they have fairly modern buses, so i guess they want to keep them around for a while (but who knows with the new even more right-wing government)

i always liked them, they are quiet (at least the newer ones) and clean.

@aurora well, trams are still nicer, but yeah :)

The modern buses are really cool. I think I've only seen them in western Europe once (in Salzburg)

@IngaLovinde maybe it works better in cz because conservatives claim to like supporting "domestic" products and škoda is still making trolleybuses. you can see the current models fairly often:

and yeah, trams are even nicer :) this city used to have one, too - it even stopped in front of our house and you can still find the attachment points for the wires if you look closely - but that was a long time ago:

@aurora Huh, interesting. Salzburg has Polish ones, apparently. I also heard there are a lot of systems in Switzerland.

Russia makes (made) its own trolleybuses. Moscow closing its system (after renewing a significant part of its fleet) almost caused the factories to close IIRC, because it used to be a major customer, and now instead it shipped all these lightly used vehicles to other cities, so the demand for new trolleybuses basically dropped to zero, both from Moscow and from everywhere else.

Also I remember some street construction near your house which looked like they're going to build tram tracks? Or was that just street repair?

@IngaLovinde uh, that's complicated - they were not actually fixing the street, but the river that runs under the street, that's why it looked that weird. no plans for trams (or trolleybuses) sadly. the same river also runs under our house, they built a tunnel for it in the 1870s and just built a city over it. at night you can sometimes hear it...i really hope it adapts well to climate change, the other paved over river in the city ripped a hole into a street some years ago :/

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