We need an united European train fares and reservation system already.

Just idly checking train prices:
Barcelona-Paris, 20th October, 10:05-16:50: 29 euro on RENFE website. The very same train: 122 euro on SNCF website.

(Munchen-Hamburg, which has a similar route length: 18 euro, or 13.40 with BahnCard 25)

(Also that means that Barcelona-Berlin is doable via Paris/Frankfurt in 21 hour and 70 euro, but not the other way around)

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@IngaLovinde even if I were to buy individual tickets for all 3 rail companies (DSB, Skånetrafiken, Vy) when I visit my girlfriends in Oslo, it is still so much cheaper to just take a plane. I wish Scandinavian trains were cheaper. I think. Still waiting for Vy to continue operating international trains again.

@freya they should just sell multi-leg tickets for a (reasonable) unified fare.

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