A story so horrific I am forcing you all to share my pain. I expressed disbelief, but teacher friends on Twitter confirmed it is indeed A Thing.

Students These Days don't understand directory structure, like literally the concept of files organized in folders, reports Monica Chin for Verge: theverge.com/22684730/students #computeing 🐘

@nev This makes me feel extra old because I can remember learning how hierarchical file systems worked, and it was several years after I'd started using computers (they were pre-PC home computers with no storage to speak of but still)

@mikelynch @nev @zens perversely, even the filing cabinet metaphor fails because filing cabinets are indexed but not hierarchical


@liamvhogan @mikelynch @nev @zens we heard you like filling cabinets so we put a cabinet into your cabinet

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