Question for people living outside Finland:

See the picture in link. This is a public place to wash your mats/rugs/carpets.

Do you have such places in your country? If yes, tell your country in comments.!file/!id955/!

So the short and simple history of rug washing places in Finland is such that it was customary to wash all textiles in natural waters, but as washing machines got common this changed so that only rugs and heavy textiles were washed there any more.

This habit has persisted even for modern day, but as it was found out that washing rugs was not good for lakes, rivers and the sea, these plumbed washing stands were built in the original washing places so that the tradition can carry on safely.


@Stoori not sure whether it can be called "such places" but in Russia we have laundry washing places in some cities (not just for rugs but for laundry), local governments even have a special expenditure line for cracking the ice there during the winter. Of course it's not a fancy station like on the photo, it's just a large hole in the river ice.
This habit has persisted even for modern day because a lot of people there don't have running water at their homes.

@IngaLovinde This sounds very much like from what the Finnish rug washing places have developed. It was common to wash in natural waters, and in winter you just made a hole in the ice.

@Stoori but in Russia people in some cities just have to do this because the government cannot be bothered to give them access to the running water in 2021, it has much more important things to do (such as building tanks or palaces or feeding military-style cops who are beating gays)

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