de pol, awesome greens poster 

OMG now I want to live in Friedrichshain

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pol, conservatives gonna conservative 

People be like: "Die Linke just pretend to be normal people in these official videos! But actually they are the worst! If you come to their local branch to volunteer, you'll see that they are mostly women with piercings and hair dyed green who fight the patriarchy!"

You realize that you make Die Linke sound like the coolest party, right? Right?

de pol, awesome greens poster 

@IngaLovinde I really had to blink twice to see if this is an actual poster of greens or some right wing fearmongering (which usually turns out to depict good outcomes)

re: de pol, awesome greens poster 

@Stoori I know, right? 😂 So much goodness packed into this

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