Pixelfed :( 

And that's just in a few hours of trying to use it.

Some (most?) of the remote users will be unable to interact with you, any attempt to interact will silently fail, outwardly looking as a success.
Meaning that if they reply to you, you will never see their comment (but they will think it reached you). Or if they follow you, their instance will display "Following" icon, but in fact they will never get any updates from you.
That includes all users with uppercase letters in username, all users of beach.city, all users of instances on punycode domains, and some others.

Also, even if someone was able to reach you and you replied to their comment, they will never see it (but you will think it reached them).

Also remote avatars on this decentralized service won't work (instead you will see standard awful browser "could not load image" placeholder) unless you are using centralized AWS S3 for storage.

And a few minor bugs.

Guess I'll have to wait for another year or two before starting to post photos. And before suggesting other non-tech people I know to leave Instagram. I definitely don't have enough spoons to set up a full-fledged PHP and ActivityPub dev environment on this crappy temporary replacement laptop...


re: Pixelfed :( 

Recent updates to pixelfed:

It can display text posts from mastodon now! It still cannot properly handle federated accounts containing uppercase characters though. No can it display userpics for these posts unless you use amazon S3 for storage.

It federates content licenses for photos now! It still does not federate your replies to the comments someone left under your photo though.
Oh, and it does not federate your photos to the followers who happened to contain uppercase characters in their name, either. Prior to that new feature they did not receive your photos; but now they will not receive your photos _and_ content licenses!

Oh, and they added that page where you can discover new users on your instance. You cannot invite more than one user to your instance though, because of an UI bug.

Pixelfed developer priorities are odd, they keep adding bells and whistles while there are critical bugs preventing people from actually using it, and bug reports that literally point to the specific line in code responsible for a bug keep getting ignored for what, almost four months already?

I certainly do not have enough resources to set up a pixelfed dev environment and to fix them myself, in a language / framework I don't really know. And of course other devs don't owe me anything. But their priorities are really odd.

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