serious; about online trans communities 

yknow, DIY HRT is not ideal but i do wish there wasn't such a culture of shaming around it in so many trans spaces

re serious; about online trans communities 

@allie yeah i really agree
i've mostly seen it happen in trans spaces on reddit and thankfully only a few times on fedi but it's just so messed up

like, I've been doing diy hrt for quite a while and it has made me feel so much better on average... yeah, it sucks that there's so much gatekeeping and lots of medical "professionals" don't even know what they're doing, so why would one gatekeep it even more??

re serious; about online trans communities 

@allie of course it's possible to do it wrong but doesn't that apply to just about every single kind of medication?
it just feels like the privileged kind of trans people who got their hrt without many obstacles thinking that everyone is able to do it like that too

i've seen people get literally death threats from other trans people just because they're doing diy hrt and it's honestly so wrong

re serious; about online trans communities 

@AgathaSorceress also, it's significantly easier to do it wrong if all the information has been driven out by people who want us to follow standards that were not made for or by us


re serious; about online trans communities 

@allie @AgathaSorceress and even with gatekeepers and doctors, when there is no information available, you won't even know that your doctor says bullshit

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