Pixelfed :( 

And that's just in a few hours of trying to use it.

Some (most?) of the remote users will be unable to interact with you, any attempt to interact will silently fail, outwardly looking as a success.
Meaning that if they reply to you, you will never see their comment (but they will think it reached you). Or if they follow you, their instance will display "Following" icon, but in fact they will never get any updates from you.
That includes all users with uppercase letters in username, all users of, all users of instances on punycode domains, and some others.

Also, even if someone was able to reach you and you replied to their comment, they will never see it (but you will think it reached them).

Also remote avatars on this decentralized service won't work (instead you will see standard awful browser "could not load image" placeholder) unless you are using centralized AWS S3 for storage.

And a few minor bugs.

Guess I'll have to wait for another year or two before starting to post photos. And before suggesting other non-tech people I know to leave Instagram. I definitely don't have enough spoons to set up a full-fledged PHP and ActivityPub dev environment on this crappy temporary replacement laptop...

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Pixelfed :( 

@IngaLovinde loads of stuff bothering me with pixelfed as well. Honestly - not worth my time. Didn't work 2 years ago, doesn't work now, removes features, does not fix bugs and problems. I will not go back to pixelfed. This project shows, that there are people who don't have any clue what they are doing, but marketed it way too early. Sorry, this is what it feels like.

Went to flickr. At least flickr works.

re: Pixelfed :( 

@snaums But it seems that Pixelfed also (somewhat) works if you use it like flickr, disabling the federation?

All the deal-breakers I've noticed are related to how it handles federation...

re: Pixelfed :( 

@IngaLovinde yes, but I want people to see my pictures? And I like the metro UI. I want my images to be the biggest thing in the website, they aren't on pixelfed, they are rubbishly compressed, I mean... look at this panorama. Rubbish that is. It's not like there isn't any space on a 16:9 screen, they just chose not to use any of it.

re: Pixelfed :( 

@snaums I mean, people can see your pictures anyway, be it flickr or non-federated pixelfed, the difference is whether they will be able to see your pictures in their home timelines and interact with them (flickr cannot do that; pixelfed can when federated, but with all these bugs) :)

I agree with you on the design though.
(But also I thought that Pixelfed is supposed to be an alternative to Instagram, not Flickr; unfortunately, peerpx, which was supposed to be a federated Flickr, seems to be dead)

re: Pixelfed :( 

@IngaLovinde flickr can do the same, it is not federated, as isn't instragram. But yeah, I see the alternatives-to thing also, and I'm not happy selling my soul, but at least it works and present my photos nicely.

That's the thing - I am a "digital native", but still I want working things with nice intuitive UI and bugfixes. I want things to work decently well. When they are not working perfectly they are not an alternative to be masses, that's the problem. But yeah.

re: Pixelfed :( 

@snaums and in case of pixelfed, they are not just "not working perfectly"; there are such a gaping holes that it becomes impossible to use pixelfed as intended... Too many issues unresolved for over a year! Federation basics should have been a priority.

@team @snaums or maybe current pixelfed users just use it in some other way. At least three of the federation bugs I've discovered are pretty important imho, and yet I'm quite sure issues I filed on GitHub are not duplicates...
(The fourth one, about usernames with uppercase characters, was opened by someone else some months ago) The most common complaint: comment/replies/boosts/notifications not sent/receive for non pixelfed instance. Believe the issue has been over a year.

@team @snaums I don't think it has anything to do with non-pixelfed (more likely it's for all remote instances, pixelfed or not).

But it's not some global bug, not a single issue that could just be fixed once and for all; there are at least six specific issues (or things just not implemented) which cause this complaint in various (different) cases:
* problems with uppercase characters in usernames;
* problems with (and maybe some other instances);
* remote replies never displaying when there are no local replies;
* some remote replies not returned by api (and therefore not displayed);
* local replies never delivered to remote instances;
* problems with instances on punycode domains (or using uncommon software).

And these are those I encountered during a couple hours of trying to use it. Probably there is much more... Good to know. The Pixelfed project is already slowly dying and many have already lost interest and left. Since you have better technical details of the issues, hopefully that leads to the fixes needed.

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