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my pet project, how to avoid being creepy towards someone you're into, :boost_ok: (1/2) 

It seems that a lot of people have this problem when they're into someone but do not know if the feeling is mutual, and do not want to ask to avoid being seen as creepy. So it could be that two persons are into each other but each is afraid of saying that in case it is not returned, and it leads to lost opportunities to both.

But I have a partial solution to that problem:

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job search, Germany, :boost_ok: 

I wonder if anybody out there has an open position they need to fill?

I have 10+ years of experience developing software in C#/.NET and Node/JS/TS/React, but at this point I'm willing to consider basically anything software engineering-related as long as the people are nice.

Especially if it's in Berlin and especially if it involves Rust or Elixir, but anything else would be great too!

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freedom of expression 

And so the freedom of expression as a core principle of liberal democracy boils down to the following:

One from a privileged group can promote hatred and xenophobia towards already-marginalized group.

One from a marginalized group cannot take offense at that.

And one from a marginalized group cannot speak up against government's foreign policy.

And all people from a marginalized group are ignorant and ill-manered.

Such is a liberal democracy apparently.

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Unpopular opinion.
Just that someone opposes USA does not make them a good person.
Just that some ruler opposes USA does not mean they're not a dictator, does not mean they do not oppress their own people, and does not mean people don't have a right to rise against that dictator.

Not sure why it is unpopular. I thought it is so obvious that it should go without saying.

trans feelings, hindsight, 1/n 

It’s true for some people, but I didn’t “always know” I was trans. With hindsight, though, there’s stuff I missed, or ignored, or explained away over the years that I can interpret as trans feelings now, and I think it might be helpful to write about that. There’ll be a little biography involved but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.


A mother is always a mother. When she's not with her children, she's motherly with other fresh people, helping them to navigate the world, and always offering her warm and homely embrace and support.

sexuality shitpost 


I just want to snuggle with cuties instead of all that *vaguely gestures*

corona, depol 

zoom-meeting csu. 9:47 vormittags. anwesend: söder, baer, aigner
"wir müssen die wirtschaft antreiben in zeiten von corona!"
"markus du sagst das seit einem jahr und deutschland ist noch nicht zusammengebrochen."
"ja, aber... mehr!"
aigner und baer rollen genervt die augen, sagen aber nichts. man will ja nicht wie ein kommunist rüberkommen.
"wie wärs, wenn wir #ffp2-masken vorschreiben?" man sieht söder an, dass er seine idee für genial hält.

@IngaLovinde @nachtpfoetchen

yes, definitely.

The idea is:
1) create a group of queer catgirls
2) find a village with some basic services (shops, cafes, schools), a basic public transit, some jobs nearby and cheap real estate
3) rent (or buy) as many houses as you can
4) help all the queer catgirls relocate in the village.
5) organize regular meetings among the queer catgirls of the village. Sometimes invite the neighbors and the mayor of the village.

... and it's done!

@elilla So my idea is basically a cohousing, but with a lot more shared spaces, and (most crucial): cohousing members are _individual_ _people_, not families.

Of course individual people can team up and form families, but for the purpose of cohousing nothing changes, they are still individual people with one unit per person.

That way, anybody can be alone when they want to, but nobody will feel alone if they don't want to.

“[W]hen your mutual friends insist that ‘Barry’s not RACIST-racist, he just says racist things constantly, as jokes, you’re just being too sensitive!’ what they’re really saying is: ‘Barry is an acceptable amount of racist for us.’ His racism isn’t ruining their day; your objections to it are, and they would find it easier and much more pleasant if you would either get much more racist or pretend to be.”

music, shitpost 

Today is the day when I remember how much of a guilty pleasure that Turkish popular music can be.

(With a side of voice dysphoria)


Cool, LinkedIn for some reason decided that I live in Ukraine, of all places. :blobcatthinking:

I would understand Russia (some of my contacts), or Finland (my IP address), or Germany, obviously (my phone number, my explicitly entered location). But Ukraine?

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Wow, someone approached me on LinkedIn with their opportunity to participate in capitalism. That's the first contact this year.

(Also apparently it helps to build a network of connections there, so if you would like to connect with me on linkedin 👉👈)

@elilla @aurora
So, one does not _have_ to interact with other people unless they feel like that, and there are private bathrooms and kitchens, and I think this should remove a lot of potential conflict.

Every person has their unit. If several people feel like that they could move together into someone's unit, but still there will always be an option to separate safely, and that should also remove a lot of potential conflict.

Are there any places modeled in such a way?

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Sure, queer catgirl WG sounds nice.

But consider this:
Every single person in a commune has their own private bedroom, with a private storage, kitchen and bathroom (that's important). It does not have to be large, I think 20qm is enough.
And then there are common spaces - communal kitchen, lounge, coworking, hacker space, etc. But one does not _have_ to use these communal spaces if they're not in socializing mood right now, their own unit is self-sufficient.

(CC @elilla and @aurora I think?)

if you're running a social network: if you don't ban the violent, you're effectively banning the victims who flee. the choice says a lot.

i'm gonna be snuggling so many hecking cuties when i can
also kis,, meow

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Ich suche einen #Job in der #IT in #Berlin oder #remote.

Ich kann:
#PHP, #HTML, #JS und #CSS
#Docker und #Linux #Server
IT #Support (Inhouse)
Agiles Arbeiten mit #Scrum und #Kanban

Cool wäre ein Arbeitgeber, der gegenüber #Trans und #Autismus offen ist.

#Followerpower #plsRT

My dad threatened to have me committed so I am now homeless and would like to beg for a place to stay for a day or two. I'm being serious. I'm in northern germany.

Deutschland, memes, kinda mean-spirited but 

wir haben ein Jahr, Mitpotter*innen


OK I guess we'll have to wait a bit more and to have a dirty millet with overcooked dates, overcooked figs, nuts and harnup pekmezi then

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TFW you mistake millet for couscous and realize it only when it's too late and everything that couscous dish was supposed to have is already added to it

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