And then you, a poor boy, pressganged into service into the Royal merchant navy.

Your vessel is pirated by a bunch of folks, women, men, indigenous folks, black folks, and two dudes even make out! and then they offer the entire crew the chance to join them! Fuck ya you want to be a part of that. And all of a sudden you realize you can do whatever you want while you serve on their vessel! You approach one of the chicks and ask for some girl clothes.


fun fact: chinese wheelbarrows are far more technologically advanced than european ones. like, you put them side by side & it looks like the europeans don't understand how levers work, it's embarrassing.

and there's a neat story about why!

As another side note, all these Parliament/Funkadelic references in Black Lightning TV series were so fun.
And while I was writing this toot, I've realized that George Clinton has an Instagram, and it's of the most funk kind:

As a side note, I've recently read Distress by Greg Egan, and... just wow. As much as I respect them and their writing, I just cannot understand how they could get it So. Damn. Wrong.

Egan, well-known for getting to the core of things, tries to treat that topic carefully and respectfully, which makes it even more baffling. E.g. in Distress, gender identity and sexuality are treated as the same, with all NB being androgynous and asexual,I can't even.

Granted it was published in 1995, but still…

Regarding this traa meme: I was traumatized by Heinlein in my childhood, and somehow my ideas of a cool living place in my late teens involved exactly that, a commune like on that picture? Odd that it was long before there were even any hints of coming out to myself, even before I so much as suspected something could be wrong with me.

Heinlein is obviously not OK, but I wonder for how many people was Stranger in a Strange Land a formative experience.

On episode 6 of Watchmen right now. For some reason it evokes memories of Infinite Jest? 🤔

I've been a little embarrassed about how, with all the talk about the Cats movie, I don't even know what that show is about, other than, like, some cats.

So this was an extremely helpful and reassuring read:

Socialists: socialism or barbarism

People: okay barbarism

Socialists: wait no fuck

I just don't understand. Tories lost by a narrow margin last time. Why did they do better this time? How could more people vote for them, with all the recent developments? Orange clown alone should have deterred many, no?

Now would they do something about actual female genital mutilation happening in USA for the sole reason of parents being slightly uncomfortable with changing diapers on a child with non-mutilated genitalia? Of course not.

"90.9% girls underwent FGRS at a median age of 8 months."

Fuck gender binary.

Now, transbians we all know. Then one could say there are strawbians!

Surely they borrowed that "raspbian" word from somewhere? 🤔

TIL that "Raspbian" is not related to lesbians but instead is related to Debian.

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