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Finally, just when I was thinking of starting to use Mastodon actively, got myself a new userpic, drawn by majestic Iasmin Omar Ata.

I'm in love with their style; if you are too, check out their website; they also take commissions!

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Unpopular opinion.
Just that someone opposes USA does not make them a good person.
Just that some ruler opposes USA does not mean they're not a dictator, does not mean they do not oppress their own people, and does not mean people don't have a right to rise against that dictator.

Not sure why it is unpopular. I thought it is so obvious that it should go without saying.

So here I am. Almost out of meds, without new meds, without health insurance, and unable to even be on mastodon for anything more than a rant once per month because both new laptop and parts for the old dead laptop are stuck or lost somewhere.

Now when I'm counting it, DHL/Deutsche Post only delivered to us 4 out of 10 packages/letters this month. Or 1 out of 6 most important and urgent ones.

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For a country where *everything* is done via post, all communication from the government offices and almost all official documents (health insurance cards, pension insurance numbers, temporary residence permits, bank account details, payment cards, PIN codes etc) are sent by post, its post surprisingly sucks.

I wonder what happened this October.

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So, according to the tracking, the package with life-saving meds is in the post office since last Tuesday but in reality it was never there. Probably lost too.

Oh, and then there is an invitation to receive a residence permit, which I also did not get (my spouse did), and because of Corona you cannot enter the issuing office without an invitation.

And the letter from pension insurance fund with my pension insurance number which was supposed to get to me this month and... of course lost too!

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Health insurance card: never arrived (and it's almost 8 months that I live without health insurance in EU!), so I cannot go see a doctor, and my HRT supply is stretched thin.

A package with HRT re-supply: allegedly unsuccessful delivery attempt with a delivery notice saying I have a week to pick it up in local post office before it is shipped back. Except it's already been a week, and local post office workers said all this time that the package never got to them... (2/3)

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OMG, DHL / Deutsche Post started to suck so much this October.

A letter with parts for my dead laptop (which is the reason I don't visit there often anymore). Stuck in Germany in sorting for 2 weeks, then (according to the tracking) one unsuccessful delivery attempt yesterday and it is now sent back to Taiwan, no way to stop it. No delivery notice, no second attempt, nothing.

A new laptop. Stuck in sorting for two weeks, probably lost already. (1/2)

liberals @ nazis: i may not agree with what you say but i'll defend to the death your right to say it

liberals @ marginalised people: you're too loud and you're interfering with my ability to ignore problems so i want you to shut up immediately

So let's see:
* Classic X230 thinkpad
* With 13.3" IPS FullHD screen
* With classic 7-row non-chiclet keyboard
* With quad-core i7 CPU
* With USB-C PD charge port
* 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD and stuff

Is there anything else to wish for? No there is not, it is the ultimate laptop.

I was thinking that it will be my workhorse for 5 or maybe 10 years. Yet here it is, not turning on, mere 2 years after purchase.

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Hmm, amazon has HP Spectre 360 "brand new" for €224 with Skylake, 8GB RAM and 13" OLED screen. Not pink though, and without cats. Will see if it is actually "brand new"; hope Amazon will let me return it if something will go wrong.

What's especially nagging me is that even €1200 laptops are meh at best. Looks like my trusted X230 was perfect... until it decided to not turn on anymore. Would gladly purchase it again, if it was readily available and without high chances of dying on me again.

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Apparently my laptop decided to die on me ( And laptop prices in Germany are exorbitant, with T495 going for €1200 (my spouse purchased one for $600 last year); with used laptops on ebay going for 90%+ of ghe original price. Cool, cool.

Should I purchase a cheap "chuwi gemibook" (€250, Atom, great 3:2 13" screen), or pay €650 for pink OneMix3S with cats (plus maybe another €100 in customs fees), or splurge €1200 for ThinkPad T14 with AMD CPU and meh screen? πŸ€”

However, most of the music by others sounds like raw unfinished experiments. And these people (at least those I found) are overwhelmingly western. I wonder where is (if there is) a non-western modern (and not just, say, classical-sounding gamelan pieces) music which is composed outside western 12-tone paradigm?

In the meantime, may I recommend you another earlier Byrnes' album as another beautiful example of non-12-tonal music:

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As some may know, 12-tone just intervals and 12-tone equal temperament are basically a western ideas, and many other cultures had originally (pre-colonization) used entirely different systems for their music. However, it seems that everything, especially popular music, became somewhat homogenized by 21th century.

Some on the west are now experimenting with microtones. Some even produce wonderful polished music that sounds like music and not experiments: e.g. I recommend

US pol imperialism, white supremacy 

This 9/11 remember the US is a white supremecist empire that has murdered millions of Muslims in 21 trillion dollars of war-profiteering and impoverished, sanctioned into starvation, and caused civil war for millions more.
The empire only pretends to care about Muslims when it benefits their Cold War 2.0 with China.
Also, stop illegally occupying Hawaii, and bombing our sacred mountain, and deploying militarized police against us.

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This is a decent write-up of the combined cultural ways that have led the US to be completely unable to handle the pandemic.

It discusses a lot of what I've seen anecdotally, in my own community - which happens to get two mentions in the article <_<

capitalists are all "if we didn't kill people who don't work, nobody would work!"

and meanwhile everyone who's financially stable but can't work due to covid is literally Fucking Losing It and forgetting what day it is or what the sun looks like, because it turns out the human brain kinda Needs the stimulation of completing meaningful tasks and will always rather do them than not in the long term

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