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"Stop citing Germany as a success story. Germany is a failure."

"The greatest western contributions to this pandemic have been โ€˜what if everyone just gets the disease?โ€™ and โ€˜shall we just kill our grandparents?โ€™ It is only by this tremendously low bar that Germany is judged competent. If Merkel were in Korea, her government would have been overthrown (again). Instead, sheโ€™s getting applause. What a respectable failure. How well-spoken. She didnโ€™t even mention bleach."

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Finally, just when I was thinking of starting to use Mastodon actively, got myself a new userpic, drawn by majestic Iasmin Omar Ata.

I'm in love with their style; if you are too, check out their website; they also take commissions!

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Unpopular opinion.
Just that someone opposes USA does not make them a good person.
Just that some ruler opposes USA does not mean they're not a dictator, does not mean they do not oppress their own people, and does not mean people don't have a right to rise against that dictator.

Not sure why it is unpopular. I thought it is so obvious that it should go without saying.

if a superhero works alongside the cops and never/rarely against them, they're not a superhero, they're an antivillain at best. fuck you Batman.

if I have to scream 'JUST FORM A FUCKING POLYCULE' at young romantic fiction one more fucking time....

Can someone please share a link to a good article / post like "Police and prison abolition for beginners and skeptics, with responses to most popular 'gotchas'"?

Asking for a friend who has deeply internalized copaganda, and apparently I'm not good at convincing people.

Yeah so remember those shitty "you must do arbitration before you can even think of suing us" clauses? Well, DoorDash just got like 5000 arbitration requests filed against them, and they have to cover all the arbitration costs, which amount to millions upon millions of dollars.

They tried to weasel their way out going through with them by trying to do a "class-action arbitration" which does not exist, and which their ToS explicitly stripped from their "contractors" as a right, lmao.

"We were unknowingly infected with a follow-bot who caused significant technical and financial problems on our instance. Other instances, while knowing, did not warn us about that, but just silently unfederated from us. And it was even more effort getting federation back than it was to fix the follow-bot problem.

This could happen to everyone! Any instance can be a victim!"

"Now think about how 4channers ... can ... cause [any] instance to be cut off from a significant chunk of fediverse, without its admin noticing? Do we want to help them dismantle the fediverse?

Warn other instances' admins about bad things going on, not just silently unfederate from them!"

(A thread about some problems my instance bumped into - thankfully mostly resolved now, but there are some lessons for all to learn from this:

Let's talk mutual aid

"So, in the time of covid-19, we have seen so many calls to and for โ€œMutual Aidโ€. Which is dope, great, awesome, important, but also has led to some confusion (dare I say co-option) as to what mutual is and isn't. This zine will attempt to explain Mutual Aid in the time of covid-19, and also how Mutual Aid practices must be imposed for continued surviviance."

@GreenandBlack @queeranarchism

cops also found it *very* difficult (if not impossible) to infiltrate the old skool ravers/party drugs networks of the 1990s (before they developed macho hierarchical structures), Metpol tried it and all that happened is some detectives got so heavy into drugs they had to be invalided out on health reasons, others got into partying/dealing themselves which fell apart when one did too much, freaked out and turned to Jesus and then grassed on all the others ๐Ÿ˜†

TIL that anarchists read so much theory that cops find it difficult to infiltrate our circles

so around a century ago, there was a comic strip called The Outbursts of Everett True, where the titular character saw people being rude jackasses and decided to deal with this harshly and folks a lot of these still hold up perfectly in modern times

but i am delighted to announce

somebody's found the comics about mask-wearing

and They're Good, Folks

(uncaptioned, feel free to help out with descriptions here, i'd appreciate it)

BBC, transmisia, negative 

So, a couple weeks back, the BBC's LBGT+ support page quietly dropped three trans-specific helplines:

At the time, the reason was unknown even to the corporation's internal Pride Network.

Now, we hear the reason has been officially given - confirmation that they were 'dropped due to โ€œaudience complaintsโ€ relating to the โ€œincreasingly contested issues relating to trans issues and childrenโ€'.

Fuck that with a rusty chainsaw. Removal of those support lines gives clear support to those who *don't need those helplines*, and unambiguously aligned management against trans people. It's not coincidental that with the ramping up of TERFs in the press has come a sharp rise in harassment and violent attacks against trans people; either the BBC supports that, or they oppose it.

Their complaints page:

If you are thin and reading this has overwhelmed you with the urge to tell me I'm wrong

Please first read this article:

And then whether you agree or not, don't bother to tell me.

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USpol, COVID, unemployment benefits 

GOP seems to argue that unemployment benefits $600/week are bad for markets because that way there is no incentive to find a job (since unemployment pays more that a minimum wage, and one will lose money by going for a minimum wage job).

So they should be first in line to vote for unconditional universal basic income, which is the most natural thing for self-proclaimed market defenders ๐Ÿ™ƒ

cold take, cops, colonization 

the police department in my city is predominantly PoC and it has among the largest discrepancies in arrest rate between black and non-black people who commit the same crimes

people are tripping over themselves to oppress their way into whiteness

also this has historically absolutely happened at least two times before (where people try to ride anti-blackness into respectability)

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Hong Kong "elections", "national security law", news 

So people have to travel to work every day, with, like, 5 people per square meters in subway and downscaled buses (note that this is the city where 95% uses public transit, and the number of private cars is negligible). And that's fine because that makes Financial FC happy.

Elections with organized outdoor queue with 2m distance maintained at all times? Too dangerous because COVID!

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Hong Kong "elections", "national security law", news 

So: elections are postponed for a year. Government can use this year to disqualify everybody they don't like. Nobody else can decide to run because the lists are finalized. And the reason is that elections are dangerous for COVID... the city where public transit is packed to the brim. Where govt' decided to cut public buses schedule but not to cut work, making buses even more packed, every day, every hour.

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