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war, propaganda, long 

Sadly, it looks like russian propaganda achieves its goal even among seemingly nice people on fedi.
Mind you, the goal of russian propaganda is not to make russia look good.
Instead, the major goal is to muddy waters enough so that people will think even of the simplest most obvious things that they are so complicated that we'll never know the truth (even if we know it already). As happened with MH-17 for example, where russian propaganda spun up a dozen of different contradicting conspiracy theories, not to make people over the world believe one of them, but to make them feel like they'll never learn which of the theories (including what actually happened: which is that it was shot down by a russian missile) is true.
And another goal is to make people focus on deficiencies of russian adversaries, to publish as many lies (some of them even with the grain of truth) dehumanizing their adversaries, painting them as nazis. Because then it does not matter that russia itself is a copycat of nazi germany. Then it's not a russian aggression against a peaceful country; then it's two nazis fighting, while ordinary people suffer. So you have to be above the fight, or apart from it, and not take sides, and either try to draw far-reaching conclusions about russian adversaries indeed being nazis even from the tiniest things completely distorted by russian propaganda, or just avoid thinking of this war altogether.

Ultimately, some people will just say "we'll never know the truth" or "we'll never know who is right and who is wrong", or "they both are wrong".
While some others will boost bullshit invented by propaganda, like "these soldiers are instead nazis, look, in this post they call muslims from Chechnya orcs because of their external appearance" (ukrainians call all russian invaders orcs because of their actions, and in that post some soldiers just happened to mention thugs sent by Kadyrov, and of course russian propaganda noticed and made a big deal of this) or "eurovision supports nazis because look, these performers from ukraine did a nazi salute" (because they waved at a crowd but of course russian propaganda noticed that from a certain shooting angle it may look somewhat similar to a nazi salute and made a big deal of this and nobody cares anymore that there were other shooting angles as well), or "because look, these performers declared their support for azov nazi militia" (they said "save azovstal" and azovstal is the name of a place where a lot of civilian people who fled russian shelling of mariupol are being further shelled by russia for the past two months, and "azov militia" is not even a thing since like 2015, but of course russian propaganda cut off the last part of the word and made a big deal of it).

"These are just two nazis fighting each other, I do not support either side, I feel for the ordinary people who suffer but in the same breath criticize these very same ordinary people when they dare to express support for one of the sides and criticize those who platformed them" is a very convenient position. And extremely convenient for russia, because it helps to reproduce itself.

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Looking for a job (EU only) :boost_ok: 

So I'm looking for a job again...
As a software engineer with 15 years of experience, some of it as a sole architect, some of it leading a team, working mostly on medium-scale systems with complex backends (having worked in e-commerce, utilities, banking/payments, etc). Plus a formal education in theoretical mathematics.
Primary experience is with C#/.NET and also TS/Node.js (can also do React).
But also want to try Rust or FP languages (such as elixir), and open to any stack basically (I can learn fast!) and any industry (besides cryptocurrencies or law enforcement or shit like that of course).
Been both commended and criticized for meticulous code review, setting a high bar of code quality, focusing on other developers experience, and not letting at least some of the bugs and vulnerabilities creep by.
Some of my code and projects are at ; another example is

I only speak English (but trying to learn German and Spanish).
And the employer needs to be in EU (preferably in Berlin, or it will have to be up to 100% remote depending on the distance to Berlin); I have an unrestricted work permit in Germany.
Hoping for an inclusive and diverse place (I would add a pleading emoji here but it will probably be misinterpreted by a target audience :blobcatgiggle:).

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trans-exclusionary "feminism", new law/adage 

Every TERF, sooner or later, will logically arrive to a conclusion that cis women are biologically inferior to cis men (they're not as smart etc), will never be able to compete with trans women on equal ground anywhere, and therefore need to be isolated from trans women.
And that TERF will not have any second thoughts before saying the first part out loud.

(Inspired by me seeing various TERFs separately claiming that women are intrinsically incapable of doing math on men's level, that they're innately incapable of writing code on men's level, and that women are just biologically unable of advancing science as men do, over the last few days. That's their "feminism" 🤷‍♀️)

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politics / economy, long (from drafts) 

(publishing something that was in drafts for some time)

OK, time to try and make things clear.

I believe that nobody deserves to suffer or to struggle.
I believe that nobody should be forced to work in order to survive.
I believe that everybody should have their basic needs met regardless of what they do, if they do anything.
I believe that the current system destroys the planet.

I also believe that nobody "deserves" more than the other and that everybody should have their non-basic needs met (within reasonable limits), without being forced to work. Maybe this is called "equality".
Unfortunately, we, as a humanity, are not there yet. I hope that one day we will be, will reach that bright future.

Meanwhile there is a question: how to allocate limited resources, services and products, if it is known that their aggregated supply does not cover the aggregated reasonable demand?
I do not see any way to do that so that some "equality" definition is satisfied. Different people have different wants, and these are not always directly comparable.
I happen to think that the best solution to that is free markets; and that using free markets improves our odds of reaching the bright future, as soon as possible.

However, the system that we have now is not just "free markets".
Sure, it has some market elements in some of its aspects.
But at its core it is built on coercion.

People are coerced to work, coerced to accept whatever happens on that work, in order to survive, in order to have roof over their head.
Indigenous people are coerced to give up their land so that yet another pipeline could go through it.
The entire humanity is coerced to bear the environmental consequences of yet another barrel of oil extracted by someone so that someone else could drive their car.
Not to mention the actual murders.

This has nothing to do with free markets. If anything, it's what stops markets from being actually free.
Free market is when you can choose today to buy apples for X or oranges for Y or nothing at all.
Free market is when you can choose to work as a cashier for X or as a courier for Y or not to work at all.
Free market is when you can choose to buy a liter of gasoline for its actual market price or not to buy it.

When you are forced to choose to work as a cashier for a minimum wage or as a courier for a minimum wage, or die in the cold on the street, not being able to feed your children - there is nothing free in that choice.
When you can choose to buy a liter of gasoline for 10% of its actual _cost_, with the rest of the people subsidising the entire 90% for gasoline _you_ chose to buy (in the form of its environmental impact) - there is nothing free in _their_ choice.

And these problems are not even specific to our current system; at least some non-capitalistic systems had the very same problems (see next post).

But there is an obvious solution for how they can be fixed, without giving up on the markets which, again, I happen to think can make the whole situation better and get us to the bright future.
There should be an universal basic income (e.g. 50% of the entire GDP), so that people are not coerced to do something in order to survive; so that everybody will have access to shelter, food, healthcare, education, etc. (This will also drive the wages at jobs that are now the most taxing and the lowest paying up, much higher than the present minimum wage, because who would like to work there for scraps if they already have their basic needs met?)
And there should be environmental tax on things with negative externalities, matching these externalities (e.g. for every liter of oil extracted, the extractor should pay 10 euros in environmental tax which is then spend on, say, planting trees to offset for that amount of carbon; and then it's up to the market, whether it makes sense for the extractor to extract oil and try to sell it at a price high enough to make them a profit).

These views are purely utilitarian for me, I don't think these suggestions are fair or morally superior, I just think that they're a best tool to achieve the goal of ending human suffering right now and of improving human well-being in the future. It's not something set in stone, they can change if there are compelling arguments.
If you think these views are abhorrent, repulsive and indefensible, I would very much appreciate to hear why exactly.
If you have some practical counterarguments, we could discuss it sometime (not now though, right now I just don't have spoons for that).

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my pet project, how to avoid being creepy towards someone you're into, :boost_ok: (1/2) 

It seems that a lot of people have this problem when they're into someone but do not know if the feeling is mutual, and do not want to ask to avoid being seen as creepy. So it could be that two persons are into each other but each is afraid of saying that in case it is not returned, and it leads to lost opportunities to both.

But I have a partial solution to that problem:

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freedom of expression 

And so the freedom of expression as a core principle of liberal democracy boils down to the following:

One from a privileged group can promote hatred and xenophobia towards already-marginalized group.

One from a marginalized group cannot take offense at that.

And one from a marginalized group cannot speak up against government's foreign policy.

And all people from a marginalized group are ignorant and ill-manered.

Such is a liberal democracy apparently.

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Unpopular opinion.
Just that someone opposes USA does not make them a good person.
Just that some ruler opposes USA does not mean they're not a dictator, does not mean they do not oppress their own people, and does not mean people don't have a right to rise against that dictator.

Not sure why it is unpopular. I thought it is so obvious that it should go without saying.

can we just take a moment to appreciate that #lichess wrote one of the best blog articles by a non-queer oriented.. thing that i've read in the entire month of june. like, it's actually well-written and makes me feel like someone out there cares and shit

By the way, the word for "chin" in Russian literally translates as "what is under the beard".
And armpit? "What is under the mouse".

All that talk about non-western music, and somehow (over the last two pandemic years spent at home) I totally forgot about gqom???
For example,

There are brown Swedes, Danes who are called Hasan, and Norwegian women who wear hijab. Those are facts and if you're not willing to catch up then you're living in some glorified past that never existed and not in today's Scandinavia, which is richer for being home to these people.

👋 As part of upcoming milestones, we're implementing a way for users to create circles (like in the old G+), but going beyond using it to define audiences (i.e. visibility of content), with very granular ways to define permissions on what you post (i.e. so you can give one of your circles permission to edit your post, or use it simply to lock-down who can reply, etc):

things that are still too cheap: cars, gasoline, parking cars

things that are too expensive: public transport, apartments

turns out seeing a bunch of neurodiverse ppl online and learning abt their needs helped me recognize my own needs

:surprised_pikachu: im totally nt though trust me

asking for help 

Hey, lovelies

Sorry for being a constant burden, you know how much I hate it, but I need a hand (or paw) with groceries.

Anything you could kick into the bucket hat would be massively appreciated$somarau

Thanks so much for keeping me living and sane. You all truly mean the world to me :teal_sparkling_heart:

covid, ableism & ageism 

Public health agencies: COVID-19 is mainly a threat to the elderly and immunocompromised*
Normal people and fascist societies: Yes! That is why we must-
Normal people: -take all precautions to protect our vulnerable populations!
Fascist societies: -get rid of all pandemic precautions and let the weak die off!
Normal people: Wait, what?
Fascist societies: (Gleefully burning masks)

* which vastly downplays the threat even to healthy younger people and is suspect in itself, but even IF this were the whole picture

My (25M) posters (23F, 26F, 22M, 28M, 28M) have unionized 

I have been a committed moderator for the past three months for a small subforum. I have 5 posters, three men and 2 women. It’s been going great, it’s all consensual and everyone if having a good time. We do not live together, but we post at my subforum almost every day. It is not a purely metrosexual relationship either. We all share an emotional connection and it’s like any other relationship but online and on a web forum.

Of course, as the moderator, there are some rules. They need to call me sir. No quoting anyone except for me. If i tell someone to do something, they do it (within bounds of course). The punishments depend on the person, some of my posters get probed, some perma'd. It all depends on what I agree on with each person. We have safe words too, and we stop the posting whenever anyone says one. It seems weird to IRL people but this is what we enjoy and we like to be open about it. Everything has been great

i do think directories are a good implementation detail for many software-y things, but yeah for personal file organization like pictures or documents it kinda fucken sucks and i really wish i could use a tagging system

@iitalics hierarchical directories are a data structure for machines, but people are forced to interact with them to manage their data objects because the UNIX programmers never separated system implementation from user interface

from the other direction, the fs as a data structure is deficient because it's global mutable state with no locking, no ability to guarantee things aren't modified behind a program's back, no way to build abstractions, and you can't even perform basic *tree* operations on it like removing a subtree, and unlike a normal data structure everything still needs a (roughly human-readable) tag to be placed into it

fuck UNIX

food, vegetarian 

Should have thought of taking a photo of these stuffed peppers before we ate most of them...

Thinking about how fucking annoying it is that poor people have to be good at everything we do or we will literally die meanwhile rich people who have 'important' jobs are so fucking incompetent and inept at everything they do. Like this shit isnt cute or funny.

Covid, Germany, parents being yucky 

With Covid numbers on the rise again, our WhatsApp school chat group from hell proposed to meet in person "in a restaurant" to just chat a bit.
I was barely able to not post 🤮, but I wrote that I was not up to it with the current numbers.

I'm the only one up until now who voiced these concerns.

Again: 🤮

Reading post about ownership and trying to figure out
is it about kink?
is it about Rust?
(three lines later) ah, it's about ownership in a legal sense

tbh my 'threat model' is way more concerned with disaster recovery than it is concerned with like an fbi agent personally hunting me down

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