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job ad, germany (+relocation), :boost_ok: 

A certain person from this part of fedi already received and accepted their job offer, and we'll be working in the same team!
You (yes, you) can be the third or maybe even the fifth one! :blobcatuwu:​

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politics / economy, long (from drafts) 

(publishing something that was in drafts for some time)

OK, time to try and make things clear.

I believe that nobody deserves to suffer or to struggle.
I believe that nobody should be forced to work in order to survive.
I believe that everybody should have their basic needs met regardless of what they do, if they do anything.
I believe that the current system destroys the planet.

I also believe that nobody "deserves" more than the other and that everybody should have their non-basic needs met (within reasonable limits), without being forced to work. Maybe this is called "equality".
Unfortunately, we, as a humanity, are not there yet. I hope that one day we will be, will reach that bright future.

Meanwhile there is a question: how to allocate limited resources, services and products, if it is known that their aggregated supply does not cover the aggregated reasonable demand?
I do not see any way to do that so that some "equality" definition is satisfied. Different people have different wants, and these are not always directly comparable.
I happen to think that the best solution to that is free markets; and that using free markets improves our odds of reaching the bright future, as soon as possible.

However, the system that we have now is not just "free markets".
Sure, it has some market elements in some of its aspects.
But at its core it is built on coercion.

People are coerced to work, coerced to accept whatever happens on that work, in order to survive, in order to have roof over their head.
Indigenous people are coerced to give up their land so that yet another pipeline could go through it.
The entire humanity is coerced to bear the environmental consequences of yet another barrel of oil extracted by someone so that someone else could drive their car.
Not to mention the actual murders.

This has nothing to do with free markets. If anything, it's what stops markets from being actually free.
Free market is when you can choose today to buy apples for X or oranges for Y or nothing at all.
Free market is when you can choose to work as a cashier for X or as a courier for Y or not to work at all.
Free market is when you can choose to buy a liter of gasoline for its actual market price or not to buy it.

When you are forced to choose to work as a cashier for a minimum wage or as a courier for a minimum wage, or die in the cold on the street, not being able to feed your children - there is nothing free in that choice.
When you can choose to buy a liter of gasoline for 10% of its actual _cost_, with the rest of the people subsidising the entire 90% for gasoline _you_ chose to buy (in the form of its environmental impact) - there is nothing free in _their_ choice.

And these problems are not even specific to our current system; at least some non-capitalistic systems had the very same problems (see next post).

But there is an obvious solution for how they can be fixed, without giving up on the markets which, again, I happen to think can make the whole situation better and get us to the bright future.
There should be an universal basic income (e.g. 50% of the entire GDP), so that people are not coerced to do something in order to survive; so that everybody will have access to shelter, food, healthcare, education, etc. (This will also drive the wages at jobs that are now the most taxing and the lowest paying up, much higher than the present minimum wage, because who would like to work there for scraps if they already have their basic needs met?)
And there should be environmental tax on things with negative externalities, matching these externalities (e.g. for every liter of oil extracted, the extractor should pay 10 euros in environmental tax which is then spend on, say, planting trees to offset for that amount of carbon; and then it's up to the market, whether it makes sense for the extractor to extract oil and try to sell it at a price high enough to make them a profit).

These views are purely utilitarian for me, I don't think these suggestions are fair or morally superior, I just think that they're a best tool to achieve the goal of ending human suffering right now and of improving human well-being in the future. It's not something set in stone, they can change if there are compelling arguments.
If you think these views are abhorrent, repulsive and indefensible, I would very much appreciate to hear why exactly.
If you have some practical counterarguments, we could discuss it sometime (not now though, right now I just don't have spoons for that).

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my pet project, how to avoid being creepy towards someone you're into, :boost_ok: (1/2) 

It seems that a lot of people have this problem when they're into someone but do not know if the feeling is mutual, and do not want to ask to avoid being seen as creepy. So it could be that two persons are into each other but each is afraid of saying that in case it is not returned, and it leads to lost opportunities to both.

But I have a partial solution to that problem:

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freedom of expression 

And so the freedom of expression as a core principle of liberal democracy boils down to the following:

One from a privileged group can promote hatred and xenophobia towards already-marginalized group.

One from a marginalized group cannot take offense at that.

And one from a marginalized group cannot speak up against government's foreign policy.

And all people from a marginalized group are ignorant and ill-manered.

Such is a liberal democracy apparently.

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Unpopular opinion.
Just that someone opposes USA does not make them a good person.
Just that some ruler opposes USA does not mean they're not a dictator, does not mean they do not oppress their own people, and does not mean people don't have a right to rise against that dictator.

Not sure why it is unpopular. I thought it is so obvious that it should go without saying.

i am an ex-racist

[does something racist and gets called out for it]

well its not racist because i'm woke now. in fact, all the people mad at me are the real racists for being mad

R: one thing right-wing people used to say a lot back home was, "if you like socialism so much why don't you invite the homeless into your house then". I bet they feel real clever at this thoughtful criticism too.

I knew forest sit-ins tend to be open and welcoming, but one thing I really enjoyed from these comrades is that they got around a spirit-talker. You know, what the medical model would call "schizophrenia" or "crazy homeless people who talk to 'no one' nonstop". This guy would just come along and sit around the table talking his thing. Some people who talk like this have their own sense of coherence, but this friend talked things I could follow, as far as my German allowed. You could engage in and out his endless conversation, and he'd have communal food and cigarettes along with everybody else, eventually leave, return the next day.

This is prefiguration, yo. This is what so-called crazy people will be treated in the time of the dawn. This is how you invite homeless people into your house, along with everybody else. When the concept of houses isn't about a thing meant just for us. When "for us" is nothing.

I was almost leaving when friend said he wanted some tea, and I explained our friends were still making the fire and we had to wait a bit but soon we could boil water for a nice warm tea. It's the first time that he notices my German isn't quite fluent (it's very not fluent). He asks where I'm from, I say Brazil, he opens his eyes a bit. "Unglaublich", he says, in the same low intonation as always. "No way." (continued)

trans, NICE, GnRHa, - 

"A Critical Analysis of the NICE Evidence review of puberty blockers for children and adolescents with gender dysphoria"

Or, how to ensure the politically correct answer: exclude studies which might lead to the undesired conclusion.

people will tell you dating over the internet without meeting the person won't work and then you read accounts of all the normie relationships where they were together offline for 8 years and only now are learning basic things about each other

The bar for cishet men is so fucking low it's amazing they can still slip under it like it's a game of lethal limbo

Museums are finding it nearly impossible to post imagery containing artistic nudity on social media because their posts keep getting deleted and accounts suspended or banned, so Vienna's museums opened a page on OnlyFans.

TikTok closed the Alberta museum account for showing an obscured woman's breast.

Facebook ruled the 25,000 year old Venus of Willendorf figurine as pornographic and removed the post.


When you talk to someone from another side of the planet and casually mention Agatha and of course they understand who you're referring to.
Because of course it is such an unique name, there is only one Agatha in the world.
And we all know and appreciate who she is.

> What if the browser saved a local copy of everything I bookmark?

> What if I had my own personal wayback machine?

> What if I (...) could search the full text of everything I’ve ever saved?

I want this, too!

I first saw that dream apartment just outside of Berlin a month ago, but the photos were unclear. Next time I saw it last Friday when we started actively looking. They had another viewing this Thursday (wonder if anybody showed up) and posted it on kleinanzeigen that day but with clean photos and that 360Β° thing that basically makes visiting it in person unnecessary. That's when I realized it was a dream apartment. Really hope nobody else gets it before us, the demand seems to be quite low.

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@ljwrites I learned long ago to pay attention to who my trans women friends said was bad news. Nearly every time someone would be noticeably awful, I'd think their name sounded vaguely familiar from these friends mentioning it.

Bigotries are rarely found alone, they travel in herds, and I think transmisogyny can be the canary in the coal mine, the first sign of a dangerous problem.

Post-apocalyptic scenario where people mostly work in manual labour (e.g. smiths, millers) but use today's work titles as names. No more John Smiths working as customer relations managers, it's John Customer Relations Managers working as smiths

hooking up is antifascistische Aktion. in this essay I will 

1. racialisation, anti-semitism and ableism are obviously cornerstones of fascism.

2. patriarchy is an often underappreciated foundation (see Ewa Majewska for discussion). Therefore modern fascist's demonisation of "gender ideology".

3. it follows that queer feminism is antifascist. (and terfism is a fascist impulse, but we all knew that even before Butler elaborated on it.)

4. the common strand of fascism is a drive to uniformity and stability, eventually an eternal immutable homogenous state; i.e. it's a death cult.

5. the death cult in traditional masculinity has a familiar form: 'witness me', glorious death in battle, self+sacrifice thru labour etc. Majewska notes that traditional feminity is also suicidal heroism; woman as childbearer has to supress every pulsation of life and desire, lives in a state of constant self anihilation.

6. life is by nature kaleidoscopically multiplying ungovernable eternal change. Life *is* diversity. Life is knobs, spectra, and chaos-theoretical unpredictable complexity; it is not toggles, binaries, blueprints.

7. the State is not, as Marx eurocentrically held, an inevitable consequence of agriculture or technology. the base does not determine the superstructure; decolonial anthropology shows this in basically every case. history is rich with the refusal of States well after the invention of these (see "Worshipping Power", Gelderlos), and indeed still now.

8. The State has the same goals as fascism.

9. Known States expanded by force, via imposition of religion. As in Gelderlos' title, Statism is literally the worship of power, the ideological commitment to submission as a net good.

10. Capitalism is a late stage of statism which secularises the divine right to ownership of the means by a particularly clever ideological trick; rather than deserving to be owners because they're appointed by gods, or descended from gods, the capitalist deserves to own because he owns; his ownership is advanced as proof of worth (industriousness, genius, inventiveness etc.). This Ourobouros reasoning is what makes capitalism such an unvaccinable virus.

11. Capitalism has however a weakness. In shedding the numinous to become a chameleon, it is fundamentally unsatisfying. You can sincerely have faith and extract meaning from serving Amon-Ra or Britannia, but nobody finds meaning in serving Bezos.

12. Fascism supplies this missing meaning to life richly, by worshipping death. It is one endstate of the State after capitalism.

13. Anything that supplies meaning through life rather than death will open a path towards a different endstate. Diversity, joy, queerness in the purest sense of the ripping of labels, the manufacture of new labels, the creative individual freedom of spontaneus chaosβ€”there's a reason States/fascism call this "corruption"," dissipation", "decadence"; they *are*; they directly erode the project of control/eternality/death.

Put more concretely, if you make kinky porn and that kinky porn helps a fascist's daughter find out she's lesbian, you have won over death in life. This is an antifascist action.

14. Carework is marginalised by States (capitalism, fascism) for a reason. As a cohesion element of horizontal ungovernable bonds, mutual care is the glue of non-State socities, and something States deliberately have to erode to expand over free folk (e.g. by coΓΆpting local identities and hierarchising them). The State _needs_ people to not depend on one another (debt in the gift economy forms bonds; when State money is imposed by force, it creates a culture of debt as a bad thing, except the indebtedness to the State (taxes, rent, royalties etc.) which is eternal and never quittable. (Graeber's "Debt")

It follows that carework is, in the most literal and concrete sense, antifascist action (Rituals of brutalisation in fascist socities are the converse of this. Brutalisation creates fascists, care and love creates antifascists).

15. Queer love is mutual carework.

every fucking thing i read convinces me that the black panthers were right about everything

And of course there's the first novel I published: BOOKS & BONE. What if necromancers were exactly what you think they are ... but also almost sweet?

πŸ“š secret libraries
πŸ’€ surprisingly friendly undead
✨ resurrecting ancient magic
🐦 shapeshifting
πŸ§™ a new perspective on necromancers
πŸ’œ ace romance

You can find it here:

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I haven't touch my #Toilet ever since discovering #Blockchains and #NFTs. #Shitting just doesn't feel the same anymore without #NFTs. No #NFTs No Poop!


some of y'all's conversations are literally




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