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For a short and glorious time 90% of my online friends and aquaintances were available on XMPP.

I miss that time.

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This is a next-level anti-GDPR dark pattern from Forbes.

I selected that I only wanted the “required cookies” (no cookies should be required to read a text article.) “This may take up to a few minutes to process.” 🤔

@isagalaev not just America. Here in Ireland you should look for "UNSALTED butter" too. Like yeah like they're UNSALTING it somehow.

@isagalaev yep it's just taking forever. I remember some satellite got into some incorrect orbit and had to use it's engine to fix it and it took good few months

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Crew access arm installed at Launch Complex 39A in Florida; will serve as a bridge for astronauts to board Crew Dragon.

Embracing space

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